Grasshopper – Blends Style With Functionality

One of the issues facing a typical small business owner is image. In other words, you don’t want a prospect to actually know that you’re a small business, and you certainly want to portray professionalism, stability and ability. You may have an excellent website in place already but what about when a prospect wants to make direct communication, via phone? You may be at a point where your business is expanding so much that you’re having difficulty coping with the customer service element. Perhaps you want to rid yourself of the stress factor associated with having to answer each and every incoming call. This is where a virtual phone system comes in. It’s the next phase in your gradual course of business progression.

In years gone by if you wanted to have a proper “switchboard” in place you would have to invest in complex and expensive equipment. You also had to consider who was going to answer the phone, screen and route calls appropriately. In short, it was a major expense. Today, however with systems like Grasshopper none of that complex equipment is needed, nor do you have to invest in specialised software.

You already know how valuable a virtual assistant is and you may well have a team of these individuals dedicated to particular areas of expertise. One of them may be dedicated to customer service, while another could be dedicated to managing a particular project from your portfolio. Use Grasshopper to set up unlimited extensions as part of their “in the cloud” service.

The good news here is that you can ramp up as you grow, so it doesn’t matter if you only have one virtual assistant currently, you can set up a professionally sounding system in order to project the right image. You do need to be careful though when you’re starting out here to get a good feeling for how many minutes you’ll be using on a monthly basis. With the initial plan no “free” minutes are included and for each routing, calls would cost you six cents per minute on top of the $12 per month fee.

Their popular plan will cost you $49 per month but you’ll be given 2000 minutes per month to use and you will also be given two toll-free or local call-in numbers to use. Once again, you have unlimited extensions in order to route through your preferred virtual assistant correctly.

Some other features of the system include the ability to conference call, or the option to set up question-and-answer extensions, so you can feed regularly asked information to callers via appropriate extensions. Also, you can feature professional voice talent to enable you to record outgoing messages, in multiple different languages if it’s important in your business.

If you find that one particular assistant would be receiving quite a number of calls then Grasshopper has a way of handling this issue as well. Extensions can be allocated to effectively “hold” incoming calls, so that they’re routed to the VA as soon as he or she becomes free.

 Does Grasshopper sound like a solution for your business telecommunications?