The Paperless Office: Now Your Smart Phone Is Really Smart

paperlessSeeing as you’re always carrying around your mobile smart phone, why don’t you use it to good effect to simplify your life and contribute to your paperless world? With an app simply known as Doo, you can do just this.

By positioning your device above an important document of some kind – perhaps a simple receipt – you can trigger an advanced scanning mechanism which is part of the app. It’s going to record the most accurate image possible in the circumstances and will then perform optical character recognition, also known as OCR, before auto tagging with relevant tags appropriate to your documents. At that point the document is saved as a PDF and sent to a storage location that you specify. This could be in your Dropbox for example, on your Google Drive, or in a library maintained by the app developers.

Taking this further you can connect all the documents and folder systems that you currently have on your local machine, or stored in the cloud as well. There’s also a desktop app which you can use with PC or Mac in order to connect document folders to your account. You can even “sync” up anything that you’ve stored in Dropbox or Google Drive. The OCR conversion process will be applied as necessary and the documents will be auto tagged for you.

Now, when it comes to finding that important document that you absolutely must have access to right now, then you’ll be able to use the advanced document search process. Wherever the document is stored, be it in the cloud, on your desktop or in your e-mail accounts it will be returned in seconds. You’ll be able to access a preview to make sure that it’s the correct document and then open it when ready. If you want to make it even more relevant then you can add additional tags and references should you wish.

You can specify that e-mail is automatically imported into the app and once you’ve set up a systematic process using the mobile recognition software should come as second nature to you. Before you know it each and every document of any kind you come across on a daily basis will be scanned, categorised, tagged and made available. This is a really efficient way to manage your paperless world.

The company that developed the solution calls it “the next generation file browser.” It has excellent cross device functionality as well. You can sync information across all your devices, so that everything is always up-to-date, wherever you may need it. An enhancement for Android devices recently announced includes a proprietary search technology that will enable you to search and find documents using only one third of the number of typical keystrokes you might make.

Even more remarkably, the developers are working on a set of additional features designed to add to the experience, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Such technology is already very valuable, especially when you consider that it’s free of charge across all your devices.

How do you currently manage your documentation?