All Aboard! Hiring A Virtual Assistant To Make Travel Arrangements

This is where a virtual assistant can help in every situation. Some people think that the virtual assistant is only at his or her element when it comes to working with small business owners, but they will all have a lot of experience in the travel arena and will frequently know a number of “industry” shortcuts that can often times help you to get a better deal.

Maybe you’re thinking about visiting a foreign country for the first time? This is a lot more involved and you really need to get a sense for the local culture and way of doing business so that you don’t get caught out by making incomplete arrangements before arrival. The virtual assistant can do the necessary research and make recommendations and bookings for you so that all-important trip is not compromised.

There are a number of travel websites today, all of which advocate that they can find you the best deal, but still you invariably find that time is spent looking through all those different options; somehow you feel as if you haven’t struck the right deal. Here again a virtual assistant has a lot more experience in this area and may well know a lot more about the highly variable terms and conditions imposed by different airlines.

When you regularly employ the services of a virtual assistant to help you with your travel arrangements the VA will be able to compile a list of things that you need to prepare and pack before you leave. As the VA gets to know you this kind of arrangement ought to ensure that there is no last-minute panic at the airport when you have forgotten an important item. Ask the VA to find out what type of weather you should expect to encounter at your destination and advise what clothes you should bring. Perhaps most importantly of all the VA can be relied upon to confirm last-minute arrangements, talking to your hotel and car company in order to ensure that there are no last-minute hitches.

There’s one more thing. When you are away on your weekend trip or annual leave, delegate the virtual assistant to receive messages and basically to “man the fort” in your absence.

Online Business Support doesn’t just encompass Business …. what would you LOVE to delegate out of your daily schedule?

  • Nixon Virtual Strategies

    Very well written, Tracy!  You and
    I are on the same page.  With my own clients, I often have to remind them
    that I am their disposal not just for the series of business tasks but just
    about any tasks they can delegate that make their lives overall easier to


    One client recently had me catalog his
    extensive library of DVDs in an application because he’s a collector and often
    can’t keep track of who he’s allowed to borrow them.  Someone else might
    think that’s a lowly task; but again, if it takes his mind off his personal
    tasks so that he can remain focused on the larger projects at hand, that’s a
    good thing.  That’s what great Virtual Assistants do for our clients.


    So yes, helping with travel is
    something most of us would be glad to take on to assist our clients.  I
    always say, I do not always have to have the answers; my job is also to be a
    resource for my clients. So if I can’t complete or tend to something myself, I
    can frequently find the right resources so that I don’t have to, thereby still
    saving my client time and money as well.
    Patricia Nixon

    Nixon Virtual Strategies

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    • Tracy Baker

      Hi Patricia

      Thanks so much for dropping by on the blog!

      I love the fact that there are SO many ways we can help business owners and sometimes they forget that we can assist with their personal tasks too. Love the DVD catalog idea :)

      Ultimately any task that we can complete, that saves people time and stress, taking up too much of their head space to get on with other things is a godsend to many.

      Have a great day Patricia!