Ten Ideas On How To Use Evernote For Your Business

1. Paperless. Tree huggers should be particularly grateful for the advent of Evernote. If you use this solution creatively you may never use a paper and pen again. Type away into Evernote instead of taking notes, or if you do fall off the wagon and find yourself taking some handwritten notes, scan them into the software, where the words can be recognised for indexing purposes.

2. Storage. Evernote provides you with a unique e-mail address, so when you receive document attachments that you need to reference from time to time, or when travelling on business, forward them to the e-mail address.

3. Watchdog. If you designate a specific folder on your computer as your “work in progress” for example, Evernote can keep an eye on that folder. Whenever any recognised file formats are inserted therein, they will be automatically uploaded to your account. This means that they will be available on various devices and off-line if needed.

4. Planning. When you’re starting to work on a potentially challenging and multifaceted project you simply have to be organised right from the start. If you create a stack of notebooks within Evernote, you can categorise different tasks and responsibilities into the various notebooks. Tag keywords carefully and methodically and you should never experience project “brain freeze” ever again.

5. Doodle. If you want to commit an idea that just popped into your head to virtual memory then you can use the facility within Evernote known as the “ink” note. You can sketch onto the tablet using a variety of different colours and formats. The next multimillion dollar idea doesn’t need to be on the back of a napkin, even if that makes a good story.

6. Brainstorm. Collaborate with your virtual assistant team to come up with ideas for new ventures, projects, client relationship management and so on. When you find resources online you shouldn’t bookmark them to your browser or local machine but do create an instant link or screen grab here. Keep all this in your research section.

7. Snap. Because a picture tells a thousand words get used to the idea of snapping away with your iPhone whenever you see something relevant or inspirational. The app in iPhone enables you to upload these pictures directly to your Evernote account with ease.

8. Tweet. There is integration between Twitter and Evernote, enabling you to capture tweets that are important, memorable and enabling you to create your own archive.

9. List. Evernote has a checkbox feature. Therefore, you can create any number of lists including daily “to do” lists. As you complete you are able to check them off and move on to the next pressing issue.

10. A-ha. You never know when your next inspirational brainwave is going to hit. The chances are that you will have access to a mobile device of some kind when it does. Commit it to virtual memory right away, as this is sure to be the brainwave that pays for your upcoming retirement, is it not?

So, we’ve shared our Top 10 ~ Can you think of any others? … Drop us a comment below, we love to hear your ideas too ;-)