Brilliant Apps That Help You Do Business Online: Productivity

productivityIf you find that you’re constantly coming up with ideas as you search the Web, but find that you’re either forgetting to take action or losing track of hastily scribbled notes then an app such as Evernote is essential. Once you have signed up and downloaded the app to your device everything is kept in sync, no matter what device or computer you’re working on that day. You’ll be able to download clippings from the Web, URLs, images, files and make notes. You can easily take a “photo” or screen cap of what you’re looking at, record an audio and save it all. If you like a specific page you come across you can save the whole page including HTML, images, links and text in what they call a “web clipper” extension.

If you’re planning a big trip online then you need to keep all of the relevant documents in one place. These can include itineraries, confirmations, maps and plans, so that you have direct access to them no matter where you are or what device you’re on. As a result, information, notes and projects can be shared with colleagues and outsourcers intuitively.

If you’re looking for a specific app to help you with your productivity ToDoist may be the one. This app helps you to “achieve more every day in your work and your daily life” by managing your task list from anywhere. In fact, the app is optimised to work on 13 different platforms and devices. You’ll be able to access tasks from everywhere, collaborate with colleagues and outsourcers, break the project down to sub projects and develop multilevel lists to ease that complexity. You can categorise different tasks according to priorities by allocating different colours within the app, while it’s also easy to interact by using normal language rather than having to remember complex formats for dates.

Have you ever found that your “to-do list” and categorised tasks don’t seem to have a context? The Vitalist solution seeks to help you with that. Here you can group by projects, or related actions that encompass a common goal; group by context, according to location, methodology and actions; group by specific priorities, notes, due dates or attached files. The mobile version allows you to be productive on the go and you can integrate with a variety of other services should you need to. For example, you can print out to-do lists, export them to an RSS reader or integrate them within an iCal calendar.

Do you find that you sometimes need access to your main computer back at HQ? Sometimes when you’re on the road you might need to gain access for business productivity reasons. LogMeIn is an app that enables you to connect from browsers on any remote device. You can work with file transfers, file sharing or remote printing. Work on your main computer just as if you were sitting in front of it. Copy or move entire folders from device to device and best of all when you’ve set it up you’re able to do this with just one click!

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