Phonebooth -They Own The Infrastructure As Well

phoneboothAs a small business owner you may well be looking for stability and predictability and when it comes to your choice of virtual PBX systems, one may stand out above the others due to this. Phonebooth is owned by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States and as such they actually own their own hosted voice over Internet protocol phone system. With this kind of operation there can be few excuses, as if anything goes wrong they’re first in line to fix the problem. Sometimes, when you use a provider that outsources to a third-party, this can cause delays and uncertainty in the case of downtime.

While stability and action when it comes to any potential downtime may be important considerations, call quality could be an even greater reason for you to select Phonebooth in the first place. They offer HD voice quality as standard and users have reported that this can be particularly attractive when compared to the other options in the marketplace. In the early days the quality of VoIP was a significant drawback, but now you can expect it to be many times better than the quality of the traditional landline, such has been the progress in this field.

Phonebooth has a very simplified pricing structure. You pay $20 per month and there are no additional or hidden fees. Once again, this may be a great asset for a small-business owner who is just testing the water here.

The typical features of a VoIP PBX system are all well presented in an easy-to-use interface. For example, the auto attendant feature will allow you to set things up so that calls are directed to a specific member of your virtual assistant team accordingly. You can set up the auto attendant to incorporate a menu system and a dial by name option if you want to. You can of course access the system portal from wherever you have an Internet connection and you can set it up so that calls will easily follow you, no matter where you may be.

We mentioned stability earlier. Security is also a consideration whenever using “in the cloud” services. Phonebook makes a point of telling you that their system is hosted in a number of different data centres in geographically diverse locations. Even if some of that notorious winter weather is affecting a particular part of the country, you need not worry that your phone service is going to be interrupted as a consequence.

If there’s one drawback with this service it appears to be in the customer reaction to their “voice to text” transcription option. Even though it’s included in the free plan it appears that even the clearest message is misunderstood and poorly transcribed. In its defence, Phonebooth says that they’re working on a fix to this problem as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure whether this option is for you a free plan is available at the outset, but either way there’s no contract or long-term commitment.

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