Why Eventbrite Has Become One Of The Leaders In This Field

Eventbrite is now very well established in the event marketing space. The company’s website is fresh and inspirational and is favoured by a growing number of small business owners wishing to promote their events online. Eventbrite can handle the entire sales and management process from conception to fruition. In other words, once you have given your virtual assistant a debrief regarding your objectives the VA can work directly with Eventbrite to set up your event easily and quickly, with on sale, online tickets available before you know it.

The solution features PayPal or Google Checkout for simple financial management. Setting up an event is really easy and involves simply the selection of the name, date and time, the maximum capacity and ticketing details. Imported e-mail addresses can be used intuitively in order for you to send out invites to the event. It will be possible to analyse your mailings in order to see who actually opened the mail, who responded, booked or took no action. In this way, the virtual assistant can simply send out reminders to those who haven’t taken the desired action as yet.

As may be expected social media action can be incorporated, with an embedded registration form on your website and availability shown in real-time. This can be an additional incentive, of course, as “scarcity” is a powerful marketing tool today for the small business owner.

When talking about motivation you may find it advantageous to create a special discount for those who register before a certain point. The virtual assistant can set this up and the system automatically increases the cost of the ticket when the deadline is past. If your event truly does have a capacity issue and you have more people than you can handle wishing to get a slice of your action, then simply set up Eventbrite to initiate a waitlist. Tickets will be issued in sequence when they’re released as a consequence of somebody cancelling their attendance, for example.

Now when it comes to the day of the event you will want to know who is in attendance. Your VA team should make use of the specific iPhone app which allows attendee names to be instantly updated when they arrive at the door. For larger events or those with several access points multiple iPhone apps can be used on different devices and they work to automatically update the list.

As the event is in progress your virtual assistant will be able to keep you up-to-date with the way that registrations are proceeding. When the event arrives you can make use of a multitude of different reports provided by Eventbrite and review a summary of revenues to ensure that it was all a financial success.

When it comes to fees the system is totally free if there’s no charge for event attendance. However, as in the majority of cases you will be charging, you can either opt to add a fee to the ticket price before it goes on sale, or receive an invoice from the company at the end of the month incorporating this service charge.

Do you host events as part of your business?  What kind of events do you host?