Why There Is A Buzz About Eventbee Solutions

eventbeeWhile EventBee is primarily an event ticketing solution, there are a few interesting event management features that are worth checking out. For example within the registration form set of pages you can not only collect information about the buyer, but also find out where they heard about the event. Did they first come across the event while browsing your Facebook page, or by using Google search? You could set up a number of event specific questions in order to prepare, as well. For example, you can gather information about dietary restrictions if you’d like.

When hosting a seminar the more information you have about your attendees the better. The goal is to ensure that the webinar is as successful as possible and that may well require a certain level of interaction among the guests. Therefore, you may find it beneficial to seat “types” of guests together. For example, they may need some type of collaboration using online tools and it may be beneficial for certain blocks of guests to sit together for productivity’s sake. When setting up the event specifics within EventBee your virtual assistant can use the seating layout system. Seats can be assigned according to multiple different ticket types. Attendees can click to select their desired tickets according to the parameters that you established at the beginning.

Think about the different types of ticket that you might want to sell for your event. You may want to create a premium option for VIP guests. Here you can establish a private ticketing feature where such tickets can be hidden from the main event page and are only available to those VIPs. In this case your virtual assistant will create a bespoke page and deliver the specific URL to those who will pay for your upgraded option.

Perhaps you’re not hosting a real-world event but rather a webinar of some kind. It’s popular these days to offer different dates and times, so that your potential attendee list can be that much more substantial. When you set up an event type with this solution you can nominate recurring events that take place on multiple dates. When attendees visit the page in question they have the ability to choose the event date and time that works best for them. Now you should not have so much of an issue when it comes to selling to guests from multiple time zones in different countries.

As with other solutions it’s possible to fully integrate a ticketing widget onto your own site. Your virtual assistant can do this rather easily by copying and pasting widget code. It’s also possible to create totally different URLs so you can figure out what will work on different portals. For example, you will need to know whether your Facebook page is converting better than your actual site, or whether your social media efforts on Twitter are worth their while in terms of conversion. Recognising the power of Facebook commenting as a means of spreading the word about your event, it’s simple to enable this solution on your event page as well.

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