Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Mother If Your Blog Looks Nice

It’s a whole lot easier these days to roll up your sleeves and create an online presence yourself. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to rely on a certain amount of dexterity, at least a passing understanding of HTML and have a considerable amount of patience, to boot. There were very few programmes that you could get your hands on which would walk you through the process, but there were some. However, a lot has changed and there are certainly many platforms available now, especially to the ardent blogger.

Everybody knows about WordPress and this solution by itself has come on leaps and bounds in a very short space of time. This undoubtedly shows the strength of the open-source approach to programming and you can also find thousands of individual themes which in turn can be configured to ensure that your blog stands out and doesn’t look the same as the rest.

You may have tried this approach yourself. You might realise how important it is to have a blog, either as part of your website, maybe as a sub domain or as a stand-alone entity. Blogging these days is far more than a pastime for geeks and nerds. It’s a way of showing that you have a clear insight, know what you are talking about and can provide meaningful, educational and informative posts to others, as you seek to attract their loyalty.

Knowing how important blogging may be, perhaps you have purchased one of those WordPress themes and spent many a long hour trying to configure it so that it looks “just right.” Anyone who has been down this road knows that unless you have quite a lot of experience and a track record of configuring blogs this way it can take an inordinate amount of time, despite all that “user-friendliness.”

If you are heavily involved in creating your own masterpiece you should also know that you can easily be sidetracked and lose your overall focus. As an entrepreneur, business owner or anyone who is trying to develop an online presence, you simply cannot afford to lose focus. Your focus should be on what you can do to create a better product or service and should not be centred on all of the peripheral stuff – Web design, content creation, SEO, social media and so on. All of these tasks can be really time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a lot of direct knowledge and understanding.

So, you find that when you do finish your new WordPress based blog masterpiece you turn to an immediate family member, or whoever is closest to you during the wee small hours when you actually complete the marathon. Does it look good to you? Of course they are going to marvel at your handiwork and provide positive feedback, but is it really going to hit all the right notes as far as marketability and visitor interaction?

Remember that a virtual assistant has experience in overall blog design and will be well aware of what’s likely to appeal to your visitors, and what’s not.

How’s your blogging experience?