10 Top Tips for Improving Your Blog Content

Do you  Blog?  Are you making the most of all that valuable content?  Looking for some user friendly tips on how to improve it?

If you read my blog post on this topic you will have at least started to gather a few ideas of your own., If you missed it then go to http://coffeenotinc.co.uk/2011/09/set-yourself-free/ to find out how I keep my inspiration flowing.

So now you have the ideas how do you go about enhancing those blog posts further?  Today I wanted to share 10 tips with you that can make a whole heap of difference to your readers blogging experience – Enjoy…


The people reading your Blog will expect to find regular updates on a weekly basis, a good average is 3 posts a week.  The number of posts you write will depend on your resources and what works best for you but its vital to commit to a regular and consistent schedule.


Long gone are the days when posting information was enough to get you noticed!

Engage with people by providing them with a means to comment on your posts, it’s like inviting people in through your front door for coffee and a chat.

By requesting comments on your posts you get an invaluable insight into how well your material is received and also what problems your readers may be facing in their business.  Your next move would of course be that you can write another blog post to help them find the solution to their angst and drop them a line to notify them ;-)  By continually looking for ways to help others you will ultimately help yourself in the process.

Ask Questions:

Blogging by nature should actively encourage discussion, that is the aim, so why not ask your readers a question at the end of your blog posts?  Give them something specific to respond to and invite them to comment and share their experiences.

Put Numbers in the Title:

This tip is short and sweet.  Research has shown that when you put a number in the title ie, 5 Tips for SEO it gets far more attention.

Mobile Friendly:

More people today are reading blog posts on their mobile devices than ever before so it makes sense to ensure that your blog posts are “mobile” friendly.

The majority of blogging platforms have plug ins or templates that allow you to  create mobility friendly posts for all.

Grab People’s Attention:

There are gazillions (if there is such a word) of blog posts flying around the internet every single minute of the day.  To make sure you stand out from the crowd provide excellent graphics , great copy and inspiring video content.

U Tube:

Video is far more engaging that text alone.  It draws more attention and hooks people onto your website or blog for a longer period of time.  Embed a U tube video into your blog post – it can be an excellent way of starting a discussion or giving people a snippet of information about what they can expect to find out from your blog post text.  It also, maybe more importantly, allows them to see the real you, relate to you as a person in the virtual world.


Something I’m sure your mother may have told you many a time whilst you were growing up! But just recently I’ve come across a number of sites that have fabulous news and content but alas, no share buttons!!

When you are creating your blog choose your social preference whether its Facebook, Linked in or Twitter (these are my main focus) and place share buttons on your blog posts.  Just by asking people to share, you will be astounded at how many actually take action.


Now I could write a whole post on this alone but if there was one top tip that I could give you it would be link to posts that you reference, link to sites that you mention and link back to your own posts or specific pages of your own website.  Links are the currency of the web and are great for SEO too!


By using your chosen keywords in your blog posts there is a far greater chance that it will be favoured by the search engines.  Use them strategically such as in your blog post title, body content and in urls.  Be warned though don’t just cram your blog post with as many keywords as is humanly possible, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable reader experience and your readers are not stupid either, they will see through your ploy and leave!

Finally for your blog to serve you well it deserves dedication and commitment from you.  From producing regular, quality content with a fine attention to detail to consistently engaging with your readers.  If you do, then the personal and business rewards from maintaining your blog will be well worth it.

Happy Blogging!!

Which of the tips above will you try?  What tips would you add?  Drop me a comment ….