Brilliant Apps That Help You Do Business Online: E-Mail Management

emaillistbuildingE-mail marketing is one of the oldest online tools and still effective if it’s done the right way. There are many different apps available, so let’s look at some of the more established ones and some of the fresh faced newcomers.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself as a small business owner is how many people are going to get to see the e-mails you send out. You may have spent a lot of time building up your e-mail list, but what’s the delivery rate? If we believe Emma then it’s possible to get a delivery rate as high as 99.2%, the claimed industry leader.

In keeping with what’s needed today all of the templates available in the solution are optimised for mobile devices. You have a number of different designs available, all of which are meant to be hard-hitting and responsive. The solution integrates directly with CRM, social networks such as Facebook, project management tools such as Basecamp and a variety of different shopping carts.

If it’s important to get your e-mails delivered successfully then it’s also important to understand who is actually taking action, the kind of action you really want. Here, there’s an advanced analytical function enabling you to see who has opened, clicked and shared your e-mail on different social networks. Connect through Google Analytics to further drill down.

AWeber is one of the more established and better known e-mail communication tools. Here you are able to manage subscribers in various different segments, setup and manage auto responder systems in order to “drip feed” e-mail to prospects. Work with over 600 HTML e-mail templates and create professionally designed newsletters quite simply. AWeber was traditionally the solution of choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the online marketing space and this app has survived the test of time.

Interspire is an impressive entry to the e-mail marketing industry. The solution has a powerful back end range of tools to help you with follow-up marketing and customer feedback. Here you’re able to set up your autoresponders, and optimise those click-through rates by split testing accordingly. You can for example send a specific variety of e-mail to a sample and the relative performance will be calculated, automatically triggering the system to send the rest of the e-mails according to the best option.

List management is handled dynamically according to certain triggers. Inactive leads can be removed from the list, a particular type of e-mail follow-up can be sent only when a specific link is clicked and the type of individual can be categorised according to the type of action they take within an e-mail.

A number of other automated systems are in place including the ability to invalidate e-mails that fail to function according to specific bounce rules that you can specify. This will help to keep the deliverability rate high. Not only that but you’re able to create customised surveys and feedback forms using the integrated drag-and-drop editor within the solution.

How do you manage your email list and how often do you engage with your subscribers?