Brilliant Apps That Help You Do Business Online: Project Management

projmanagementThe more clients that you take on and the more work comes your way the more that you need a great project management app. There is absolutely no need to rely on sticky notes, or to try and tag e-mails related to a project and expect to be able to follow the conversation productively. Without a good project management app you will find that your time management is going to suffer and worse still you could lose track and potentially even alienate your clients.

One of the best-known project management tools for the small business owner is undoubtedly Basecamp. While it has undergone a complete restructuring in the last year or so the product still remains one of, if not the leading tool available. Some people were not happy that the ability to set milestones effortlessly seemed to disappear during the revamp, but you can still set events, create discussions, develop a range of “to-do lists” for your collaborators and a whole lot more. If you have a number of different projects that are somewhat similar then it’s possible to create templates, so that setting up these new projects is simple and easy. You can invite clients into the project area, but opt to only display certain files and folders to them, keeping your “back office” stuff separate.

If Basecamp is one of the leaders, Podio is catching up quite rapidly. The developers describe this as more of a social collaboration tool. In other words, you’re giving team members and other outsourcers a place designed to discuss ideas, share files, brainstorm and organise meetings. In fact, the solution integrates directly with GoToMeeting, to give extra power to those business development sessions. This work platform also includes customer relationship management options, so that information about prospects and leads can be developed. Events of all kinds can be scheduled and information about attendees, venues, suppliers, deadlines and budgets handled seamlessly. Podio seems to be a hybrid in between project management and social media.

TeamLab purports to be a virtual office suite with six different areas of interest to the small business owner. Business collaboration is an area where you can express ideas, share photos, bookmarks and manage polls. Document management allows you to create, edit and share with your colleagues and outsourcers in one place. Project management allows you to set milestones, handle the assignment of tasks and keep on top of the due dates. The calendar function allows you to coordinate your activities, track events as they happen and organise a work schedule. While the e-mail function is yet to appear they have recently rolled out a CRM tool, enabling you to handle customer relations as part of a total solution.

The Project Bubble people are adamant that they have the “easiest” way to manage projects for teams and freelancers. The design is very pleasing certainly and as you might expect you’re able to schedule projects and track allocated time, collaborate and share with your team and invoice directly.

How do you manage your projects and tasks on a daily basis? 


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