Brilliant Apps That Help You Do Business Online: Time Management

timemgmtWhere did all of that time go? If you find yourself asking that particular question at the end of each and every day then it may well be time for you to consider how well you’re actually managing your time, in any given scenario. There are a number of excellent time tracking and management apps available for the entrepreneur or small business owner today. Let’s consider how some of these could enable you to better manage your most precious asset.

Firstly, there’s a free app available for freelancers with plans allowing up to two users and three invoices per month over at Paymo. Here you will find a number of project management tools, an online invoicing functionality, a way to monitor the efficiency of your team and a suite of different reports.

Can you really make time up? The developers at Make Some Time believe that you can. If you’ve ever been put off by the awkward design of some of these apps then you should be happy here as it has one of the most pleasing interfaces you’ll find. Keep track of time according to clients, projects or tasks. Generate a variety of different reports and take advantage of an integrated invoicing function.

There are a number of different apps that integrate with one of the leading project management tools Basecamp. Tick is one of them. As is usual there’s a free plan available allowing you to find out whether it’s going to help you with your empire building. This one doesn’t have many frills, but it is effective.

Harvest is an integrated application that’s used by some prominent organisations around the world. It’s fairly easy to set up in a short amount of time. You can separate timesheets between employees and outside contractors, with an approval process included. Invoices can be sent seamlessly to the client and you can accept payments directly via the Web.

If your specialty is as a creator of some kind then perhaps the right tool for you is Mite. The team behind this product claims that it was developed in collaboration with creators such as yourself, and those who perhaps don’t have an inordinate amount of patience when it comes to IT. So perhaps this is the solution for the quintessential freelancer. It’s certainly straightforward and simplistic and integrates well with third-party programmes.

Even if you’re working with a time management tool, it’s often difficult to remember exactly what you were doing at any given point in a particular day. The computer activities tracking function in Timecamp is a great idea therefore. All of your computer activities are registered and measured and the time that you spend on them is allocated for you to see. You can of course pick some of the activities from this list in order to complete your timesheets and billing, but this is surely a good idea to help you function and avoid procrastination. Free to start off with and only $9 per month per user thereafter.

What are your favourite online time management tools? 

  • Leslie Scott

    Good sort of apps that could manage the time and help achieve the success level in terms of the success factors. I personally prefer having the cloud based hours tracking tool that could manage the time and make me reach out to the level to achieve success. Its the hours tracking tool from Replicon – . You can consider that tool as well.

  • Tracy Baker

    Hey Leslie thanks so much for dropping by our blog :-)

    I shall definitely check out replicon – thank you!