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Six Things that Kill your Productivity and How to Avoid them

Each day I set out to be the best I can be and I think most of us have that common goal in our everyday lives to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the time we spend working.

So today I thought I would share a few instant productivity killers and some tips on how to avoid them so that you can get the most from your day.

Are your goals strong enough?

Do you know what your goals are for the day, are they clearly defined in your mind step by step with timelines and milestones in place so that you can keep a track of how you’re progressing?  If not you could be spending valuable time revising and evaluating them unnecessarily. If only you had a plan in place, a way to cut through the fog and see your road to success.

I’ve know individuals who thrive on living life on the edge and that’s cool for being creative and troubleshooting but when you need to define your goals there is no room to “wing it”.  Boring as it may sound to the risk taking entrepreneur there is a time and a place for processes and systems and when you are serious about achieving your goals then this is the time.

How’s your health?

Well if you are your own boss, setting your hours sounds idyllic and most of us admit that we work early in the morning and late into the  night.  However doing this continually will undoubtedly cause burnout, sleep deprivation and insufficient intakes of food as well as other health hazards.

Lack of sleep, I’ve found is the ultimate enemy to being productive so make sure that you eat well, exercise and take some time out to take care of yourself because, as I was once told many years ago if you do not take care of yourself you are in no fit state to take care of others.  You will have more energy, sharper focus and tasks and projects will be completed in record time.

Multi tasking

Oh we love to multi task, or do we? We can feel pressure to complete multiple tasks and projects but if it’s not for you then go with YOUR flow.

Some individuals thrive on the buzz of solving many different problems at once whereas others find it destroys their productivity and that they work best when focused on a single task.

The trick is to know your style and work with it or, if you are a sole trader, partner with someone who is the opposite to you that way you get the best of both worlds.

Are you a man/woman or a mouse?

So you lost that contract and now you can bearly muster  the energy to switch on the computer let alone seek out new business.  It’s tough, you sulk, you moan to your significant other and feel it must be your fault, you weren’t quick enough, smart enough.  Quit moping and get active!!  This type of behaviour instantly sucks all your energy away from your goals and achieving them thus robbing you of not only time but money too.

Business is hard and we don’t always get it right but playing the martyr won’t solve it either.  Learn from your mistakes and get back on it that way whatever it is that happened, you’ll have learnt a valuable lesson and you instantly decrease the effect that rejection has had.

Up against it?

Many self employed individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners thrive on pressure but too much is never good.  You take on too much work, under estimate the time needed to complete it and then have anxious clients nipping at your heels as the deadline looms.

Always over estimate the time required to complete a project and underestimate what you can handle as well as adding in a little bit extra for unforeseens (they always happen when you don’t need them too).

If you don’t do this you will become so stressed and begin to panic then all clear thinking and focus just flew straight out the window.


This could be considered a guilty pleasure or a diversionary tactic for avoiding a fear or unknown; either way it is so unproductive.  Well I’m just checking my e mails, facebook is good for networking, there maybe something important happening in the news today … sound familiar?

All these seconds and minutes add up and could be better spent.  If you are serious about becoming more productive then schedule a specific amount of time for “networking”, e mail management and check the news during your lunch break but do not leave these windows open on your computer as they are a background distraction just waiting to eat up your time.

Do not be your own worst enemy – make every moment of your day count.

What’s your No 1 productivity tip?  Let me know, drop me a comment below …

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