How To Enjoy That Business Trip Even More With Evernote

A small-business owner should try and keep everything in perspective when it comes to the amount of time dedicated to work. There’s no point in running a small business if you simply feel as if you have another job, as you are in business to try and improve your life, to enable you to spend more time with your friends and family.

We are learning more and more about how we can use the latest technology and business solutions to help us achieve a greater degree of freedom. For example, we know that by working with a virtual assistant team we could free up a lot of our time that would have otherwise been dedicated toward administrative and repetitive tasks.

As we work toward a freer life we might find that we have more opportunities to travel. Travelling is one of the great pleasures in life and we should all try and get around more. Some of us are lucky enough to travel as part of our business opportunity. We may find that we have to plan business trips that are somewhat complicated and not simply a case of travelling to a hotel or client office in some other city.

In the not-too-distant past a somewhat complex travelling itinerary would require us to gather together a mound of paperwork and to have our work cut out when we were actually on the road trying to find our way around. These days, however, we don’t have to carry around with us a sheaf of documents, or spend too much time planning in advance for what we are about to do.

Evernote allows us to do some advance planning in the office and then synchronise our records in between our office computer and our mobile device, be it an iPad or iPhone, for example. A fairly complicated driving trip can be broken down into segments and various notes compiled in order to keep us on track as we move about.

Create a spreadsheet with dates, times and locations that we will be visiting and create a specific note in Evernote for that. We can locate a map online and drag that from the desktop into the programme. We could use Google’s excellent Map product to plan a route and then take screenshots of that for pasting into Evernote. Apparently, Google is going to allow us to download specific areas to work off-line in the future, which would make this particular programme even more functional and useful to us.

Hotel confirmations can be pulled into Evernote, as can rental car reservations. You will be able to pull up all the information instantly whenever you need it, so long as you tag all your notes correctly with a memorable keyword attached to the various elements.

Travelling becomes a whole lot simpler when you don’t have to shuffle through endless amounts of paperwork to find reservations, directions or instructions. Evernote is perfect for this and goes a long way toward taking that ever present stress element out of the equation.

Where’s your favourite place to visit  for work or pleasure?