How Web-Based Project Management Spaces Will Increase Your Productivity

Do you remember the time when people had to resort to an Excel spreadsheet in order to help them keep their projects on course? Before Microsoft came along with their suite of office products, solutions like Lotus 1-2-3 really transformed business productivity at the dawn of the Internet age. Some people may still prefer to use a product such as a mind map to help them keep on track of more complicated projects, but such a solution is only the nucleus of the project itself. What happens when it comes to delegating, getting various elements under way, dealing with problems, issues and stumbling blocks – and drawing it all together at the end?

Your overall productivity as a business owner begins and ends with your ability to organise. This is not the forte of some of the more creative types and it’s fair to say that this lack of ability to be productive often holds back these businesses from reaching their full potential. It’s good to know, therefore, that we have progressed quite a long way from the days of rudimentary project management tools and complete systems are now available to keep everything on track.

Projects will not seem anything near as daunting any more if you initiate and maintain a purpose made project management system. No longer will you need various binders, files dotted all over your hard drive and a variety of different and difficult to find threads in your inbox. All of this can be configured in one place, representing a permanent repository for all the project details.

Often times the project can be very similar to previously completed ones. If you’ve been able to save all information in a central repository then this is going to make it a whole lot easier to replicate and roll out one of those projects in the future. You’ll be able to refer to each and every discussion that you had with your virtual assistant team as they brainstormed various ideas and generally improved the product.

Complex projects can easily fall behind if you’re not absolutely on top of what needs to be done and by whom. Within a project management system all engaged individuals are immediately notified when they have tasks to perform. They’re able to interact in specific discussion forums or by using whiteboards. Comments and input is updated immediately as it happens, even without the need to refresh the page you’re looking at.

There’s no doubt that productivity took a quantum leap forward when these systems emerged in recent years. Recently they have become even more functional, adaptable and easy to use. No longer should the small-business owner be concerned that there is a learning curve associated with such a system. They’re very intuitive for all concerned from the project manager at the top down through the team of virtual assistants. You can invite clients into certain areas of the system as and when needed too, as each individual is allocated relevant and specific permissions to access parts of the site as necessary.

How do you Manage your Projects? …