The VA Black Book: Think Specificity And Recommendation



As a small business owner or entrepreneur you know that it makes sense to outsource, rather than hiring on a full-time basis with all the baggage that entails. You probably have a number of different tasks that you’re looking to outsource and these may change from week to week, or month to month. You know that you should outsource if to want to find the best possible service providers, but obviously you don’t want a lot of hassle along the way. At this point in time you certainly know about the existence of sites such as Guru, oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and the others and you’ve probably been weighing the pros and cons of each. It’s also very likely that you’ll come away from such a study with a particular mindset.

Of course, there’s a slew of talent available to you through any one of those aforementioned sites. Yet you don’t really know what you’re letting yourself in for, even though there are a number of online reviews you can check. Perhaps it’s better to look in the The VA Black Book for recommendation. The talent pool may be nowhere near as extensive, but at least here you can be more highly specific and know that every single one of these service providers comes highly recommended.

Within The VA Black Book you can find a number of virtual assistants, freelancers, online business consultants or personal assistants. Each one of these individuals has been trained well in a particular field and perhaps more importantly are recommended because they have the drive and that extra “push” that you’re undoubtedly looking for.

If you like, you can be a lot more specific here and feel confident that you’re going to get what you’re looking for. Within the website you can see a number of testimonials relating to the quality and performance exhibited by the resources. Each one has graduated from The VA Apprentice Programme, which is currently recognised as one of the world’s most comprehensive and detailed online service provider business training programmes. The resource will only appear in The VA Black Book if they’ve graduated from The VA Apprentice programme and they have been ratified by the founder, Michelle Dale.

When you look at the accreditation criteria for this particular programme it’s not difficult to understand why the graduated individuals are so highly recommended. Each one has learned the foundation for a scalable multi-VA business model; they are aware of all the processes and procedures for handling clients well and understand the systems and processes that need to be in place to interact with the employer. Furthermore, the individuals have displayed that they have strong knowledge of business ethics and etiquette and themselves have displayed entrepreneurial characteristics. This by itself can be worth a tremendous amount to the employing entrepreneur. How often have you wished that you could replicate yourself when looking for that outsourcer?

So, there may not be that many to choose from within The VA Black Book, but you can be sure that the quality is of a very high standard indeed.