How To Connect For Free Wherever You Are

When you’re about to make the decision to cut the shackles that tie you to your office desk it is normal for you to go through a period of anxiety, in short to wonder if you’re doing the right thing. It’s not surprising as after all tradition dictates that business is conducted from an office desk somewhere, even if your organisation is composed of simply one person yourself. As we get further into the era of the digital entrepreneur we are quickly learning, however, that technology is on our side whenever we want to operate a business from a variety of different places.

The entrepreneur should never be directly involved in any mundane tasks, be they administrative or directly involved with the type of product or service that you may be selling. Anything that can be classified as repetitive or mundane needs to be outsourced to a member of your virtual assistant team. The virtual assistant is in business to take this kind of workload away from you so that, as the entrepreneur, you can be focused on creativity and new business development.

Nevertheless, as you sit there and wonder how you are going to keep in touch with your VA team, you might start to think about poor connectivity in various parts of the world, or a lack of ability to simply send or receive messages at crucial moments during your business day. Were you aware of services such as Wi-Fi freespot?

This is essentially a database, available and accessible free online, pointing you to places where you will be able to access the Internet from your laptop or tablet device at no charge and with few restrictions. It’s a comprehensive list of locations ranging from those provided by local governments to airports to commercial organisations. You will be able to locate those coffee shops with no problem whatsoever and know that you will be able to keep in touch with your VA team as you plan your upcoming travels.

Wi-Fi technology is one of the most advantageous tools in the mobile entrepreneur’s basket today. It provides an excellent means of communication with your administrative or support team no matter where you might be. The database provided by the originators of Wi-Fi freespot extends throughout North America and Europe and is being extended to other areas as we speak.

Look for vacation rental properties that feature free Wi-Fi for renters. Browse through thousands of hotels, motels and resorts around the world that offer you this level of accessibility for no charge.

Just a word of warning. You may have heard of a Firefox extension called Firesheep. This enables certain unscrupulous people to steal the active sessions of people who are using unencrypted browsing sessions from certain services on the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure that you have a counter-acting Firefox extension loaded and ready to go, to make sure that you remain anonymous should any of these people be around. You can never be too careful as you explore these new opportunities for freedom.

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