Do You Have an Online Business OR a Website?

help msg in bottleAt first glance you may think that they are one and the same but I hate to be the one to break it to you that is most definitely NOT the case.

How can I put this nicely?   You may have the most spectacular, lip smacking, cutting edge website – but if no one sees it, it’s not worth a bean!

So,  if you are serious about creating and maintaining a front row seat in the online arena, grab a coffee, make yourself comfy and read on for a few tips and strategies that could help push you to the front of the queue.

Your website

Ensure that your site is striking but pleasing to the eye … do not use images that have no obvious connection or theme and definitely no clipart!!

Your website should look very professional, colour co-ordinated, not too garish (well I am female ;-) ) but most important of all, it has to be intuitively user friendly so that potential clients who visit your site have a pleasurable experience not a frustrating one.

Attention to detail is paramount.  Make sure that all the relevant links are clickable and go to where they are supposed to!  If you have plug ins such as social media share icons, ensure that they work.

These may all seem very basic things to consider, but it only takes one technical faux pas, one link not working or download not attainable and the likelihood is that the person viewing your site just checked out!


There are heaps of ways of generating traffic to your website but I only intend to provide information on those that I personally use in my own business.

1)   Social Media

2)   Opt ins/subscriptions

3)   Forums/Blogs

4)   Blogging

Social Media

I connect and interact with social media on a daily basis and at the time of writing it is the primary source for generating traffic to my site, closely followed by my blog.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and U Tube are my own favourites but you have to experiment and find your groove to build your own tribe of raving fans.  Social Media is the fastest way of connecting and building relationships with people and conveying your message to the online world.

Creating and Building YOUR List

You will doubtless have heard the saying that the “money is in the list” and without one you have no way of targeting potential clients or any means of keeping in regular contact with people who are, after all, extremely interested in you and your services/products.

Provide a useful “how to” report, highly informative newsletter or at least one that offers discounts or offers to it’s subscribers, audio downloads or e book BUT the most important point here is …. IT HAS TO BE HIGH QUALITY AND AN EXCELLENT, VALUABLE RESOURCE I cannot stress this enough.  The quality of the free e book for example is the very first impression you make on any potential client so, it goes without saying, it has to be of real value and interest to your target market.


Research blogs and forums in your niche there are a vast array out there but look for very active, regular bloggers and forums who have hot posts for you to help and offer advice to people.  You’d be amazed where this tip alone can lead!

Bookmark the blogs and forums that meet your criteria and sign up to their RSS feed or e mail subscription so that you are notified straight away of new forum topics and interesting blog posts as they become available.


I blog here three times a week, not only about virtual assistance but on a wide variety of topics that affect entrepreneurs and business owners.  By providing both text and video content it gives a better multimedia experience for my readers/viewers.  Believe me, if I can do video blogging so can YOU but hey, that’s a whole new blog post !!

Why do I do this??  Because working online can seem impersonal and distant and by blogging it gives people a chance to find out more about you as a person as well as learn tips, tricks and relevant up to date information in your particular niche.

A website is NOT just a shop front it is the door to building relationships, creating business opportunities and making valuable connections as well as friendships.

To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art ~ Chinese proverb

How do You Keep Your Shop Door Open? As always I would love to hear from you, drop me a comment below  …




  • Rachel Abdy

    That was an amazing blog post – really helpful and informative – love it!

    • Tracy Baker

      Thanks so much Rachel!  So pleased you found it valuable and thank you for visiting our blog.