Inspiration rarely strikes when a deadline looms

As entrepreneurs the process of continually coming up with new ideas week after week can be daunting let alone exhausting! Most dread the weekly/monthly newsletter or creating blog posts of real value to their readers on a regular basis.

Each time you sit down to write, all you can see is one large blank screen staring right back at you. Then you notice the dishes need doing, or that someone has sent you a message on facebook, oh and then there was that REALLY important e mail that you absolutely HAD to reply to …. Now, one hour later and you still haven’t written a single word!

You sit down again and your mind goes blank … sounds familiar huh? You had loads of ideas last week but now they just seem to have vanished and you cannot think of a single thing to write about. For a task that should take no time at all it’s painful and some hours later tired and frustrated you give in and decide you will try again tomorrow.

Has this happened to you?

When I first started on my blogging journey it used to happen to me too. As the title of this post suggests …  inspiration rarely strikes when you are close to a deadline. Nope, it strikes when you are eating your breakfast, having your shower, taking the dog for a walk or out with friends for a meal.

So I figured I would like to share a tip or two with you as to what I do to keep the ideas flowing :-)

I keep a list of blogging ideas, thoughts for articles and marketing campaigns. I literally carry a digital voice recorder around with me EVERYWHERE – as an alternative you could use a small notebook but personally I find a voice recorder quicker and more efficient.

So when you are out and about and a flash of inspiration hits you square between the eyes, write it down, scribble away, record your thoughts (you may get some odd looks but who cares – not me!)

I do this now because I have lost count of the number of times I have had the most amazing thoughts for a blog post or an excellent marketing idea and I used to think to myself, ahh I’ll write that down when I’ve finished … but you know what? Every single time when I came to trying to remember what it was, I’d forgotten it and no matter how hard I tried my moment of brilliance disappeared!

So there you have it, my most valuable tip for keeping your ideas flowing and avoiding the big scary white blank screen. Now I just pick an idea from my list and start writing …. Bliss :-D

How do you keep your ideas flowing? Please leave me a comment below ..

  • Grainne Foley

    Great post Tracy and some great tips.  I need to seriously think about purchasing a video recorder, normally I have a notebook but I like the idea of the recorder.  I come up with titles and I write them in my notebook and then choose from my list.  It is hard to come up with ideas for blogging and your newsletter so it helps to have ideas already written down.  I just finally finished my welcome video and am somewhat happy with it so I plan to start video blogging too, it’s hard to imagine that you were once nervous about it because you come off like a pro!

    Have a great day.


    • Tracy Baker

      Well thank you very much Grainne, that’s lovely feedback on my video blogging exploits lol.

      Honestly I used to write everything down too but found it a bit of a pain having to keep pen and paper to hand – the voice recorder just pops straight into my bag or pocket so I’ve found it much quicker and easier to record my thoughts, ideas and reminders too.

      Look forward to seeing your video’s Grainne ;-)

      Take care