Have You Ever Read Something that Changed Your Life?

One evening last week I happened to be watching a programme on the television, it’s a popular UK chat show I suppose called “The One Show”. Now, I do not watch television hardly ever, never really been a fan of the box and feel it’s a huge communication killer. However I had had a long day and was just chilling out with my daughter on the sofa before preparing our evening meal.

There was a brief so called informative part of this show that was attempting to explain the world economic crisis and comparing it to the Deep Depression of the 1930’s – nothing new there you may say, comparisons have been made for months now (remember I don’t watch tv or read newspapers). But what struck me was the way it was being explained,, shown in terms of the amount of debt owed by the UK, shown in pictorial form, the suggestion that we could be looking at rationing or obtaining our weekly supplies from food banks.

Whilst it may very well come to that, I don’t see any benefits in the scaremongering and ifs. Buts and maybes being transmitted into our homes – why? Because I’m a firm believer that we each have the responsibility to create our own lives – it’s just easier to blame someone else plus in some weird way it makes good news/views!

Now I’ve always been of this opinion for a number of years and I suppose some would say I’m a little unconventional. I’ve also read many many books as I am an avid reader on a whole host of self development and personal improvement methods, ideas and mindsets but one book that is always close to hand (on my bedside cabinet in fact) is Chris Guillebeau’s “The Art of Non Conformity”.

The Art of Non Conformity was a recommended read from a very good friend and mentor Michelle Dale at the beginning of this year. Now, like I say, I eat books for breakfast and there were a number of recommended reads from Michelle but this one really made me sit up and think, delve deep into my beliefs and opened my eyes.

In a nutshell Chris explains that there is an alternative way to living your life, there are no rules only those that you wish to follow and that you have the ability to turn the status quo upside down to your benefit should you choose to. If you think that is nothing new then you’re already ahead of the game but seriously it is a step by step guide and insight if you like into how you can create your own life rules and shape your own future. It changed my world and even now, I will pick it and re-read and be rejuvenated and inspired about my own journey.

I’m not on any commission /affiliate or sharing this to claim any gain whatsoever. It just struck me last night when I was sat there with my daughter listening to the doom and gloom portrayed on the TV. It made me wonder how many people watching it actually realised that THEY had a choice – to believe or not to believe, to blame or not to blame , to take responsibility or follow the majority.

These are strong opinions I know but there are so many alternatives, they have got to be worth exploring, surely?

So that’s my story of one book that has completely changed my world … I would love to hear if you have read something that has changed yours and how?


  • http://virtualassistant-live.com/ Michelle Dale

    Wow how true is this, sometimes people will often say to me, I shouldn’t be doing things, simply because it’s not the ‘done’ thing. That’s how the media impacts our thinking – who says it’s not the ‘done’ thing? You have made a really good point, it’s not all doom and gloom if you choose not to make it that way. Brilliant post Tracy. This is the book that made me let go of my concerns about doing something differently with my life.

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      It is without doubt the best investment I ever made in reading material lol!

      The media do have a lot to answer for in my opinion hence why I don’t watch the news or read the papers, some may call it ignorant but I prefer to make my own mind up and not be influenced by others :o )

      Thanks for dropping by Michelle x