How To Choose The Best Desk For Your Home Office


Working from home is a flexible way to earn a living. The right desk is obviously very important for a freelance writer or artist, virtual assistant, online service provider, or any other work-from-home professional. This is where a person ends up spending the bulk of their time. Thus, it’s important to consider everything from the size of the desk and design to its functionality. Investing in the right furniture for a home office increases productivity, happiness and efficiency.

Decide on the Desk’s Layout

First off, it’s important to choose where this desk is going. Some people work from their bedrooms whereas others have a specific home office set up. Professionals need to consider the room’s dimensions, accessibility to electrical outlets, and if it will be near windows. Smart people will avoid placing the desk too close to vents or other pieces of furniture. Also, it’s important to account for the desk chair’s dimensions and if the printer or filing cabinet will be close by. Once the perfect location has been identified, it’s time to measure the space!

Consider Office Needs

A virtual assistant may need space on the desk not only for a laptop or desktop but also for a phone, headset, writing surface and printer, among other items. The buyer’s profession and workspace requirements dictate the furniture’s specifications. For example, a writer may need a drawer for files whereas an online service provider may need a compartment for a printer, scanner or fax machine. People who balance different tasks may need an L-shaped desk whereas someone who only needs space for a computer can go with a streamlined workstation.

Design of the Desk

Aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to selecting office furniture. There’s a big difference between a light oak desk, a dark mahogany piece or a brightly painted option. Buyers need to think about whether they want a sleek metal desk, vintage piece or something more modern. The room’s decor can help guide this decision. There are glass-top options, wooden ones, plastic desks and classic wood materials to choose from. Exploring the options helps a professional choose the best desk for him or her.

Supplies and Accessories Matter

The best home office is fully equipped with pens, paper, paperclips and other necessary supplies. This helps people make the most of their workspace. A person’s profession and organisational style will help them decide if they need a lot of drawers or overhead storage or if underneath storage is more important. Some desks come with a locking file cabinet built into the furniture whereas others have holes for wires to help people keep their technology organised. It’s also important to keep in mind that adding shelves to a home office desk can often make a huge difference, overall.

Choosing a desk for a home office is an important decision. Smart professionals should carefully assess their work requirements, preferences and available space before shopping for office furniture of any kind. Put simply, the right desk only enhances a professional’s work, happiness, productivity and the results they achieve.

What makes your office a happy place to be?