How You Can Use Evernote And Your VA To Find Some Daily “Gold”

In the world of personal development experts advise that we should all keep some kind of daily diary or journal. You may think that this has got nothing to do with business, per se, but there again you might be wrong. Quite often when we talk about business issues, productivity, management and development we fail to take into account just how important it is to focus on physical and psychological issues, as if it is all somehow different and distinct. When we get to the office we now become a well oiled business machine and must forget anything remotely connected to “personal issues,” until we log out.

Creating a daily journal can have some profound effects. If you believe, as you should, that a small business owner’s personal development is equally as important as business education, then regular reference to this journal can only help you to understand any underlying issues or challenges that you may be experiencing.

Your daily journal does not only have to contain personal reflections related to how that particular day “has gone.” It can also contain information about new business ideas, productivity challenges that you may have had, goals for the future, projects and concepts and a host of other information that, at the particular moment, was valid and important.

In the past it may have been quite difficult to maintain a journal such as this. You might find that you would scribble any number of notes in various desktop books, write notes on the back of old business cards and so on. This scatterbrained approach to journal keeping would not provide any real value going forward. Even if you were to try and keep a diary of some kind in one of those books designed specifically for the purpose, as an archive this would be only of limited value.

With Evernote, you can create a virtual notebook as a journal. Anything that you want to reflect on, that you find interesting, that appears to be a developing trend in your life and worth recording can be entered directly into the note. If you use numerical format for the actual date it will be easy to keep in chronological order. If you use appropriate tags then you will be able to easily look back and locate specific information when you are prompted to do so at some stage in the future.

You can even outsource a project to your trusted virtual assistant, who will keep a running summary of your journal entries, helping to highlight particular topics that are pertinent or that need to be investigated further. Sometimes it’s just a question of dumping the content of your mind in order to get some kind of closure at the end of a busy day. Few of us do this but it could make all the difference when getting healthy and refreshing sleep. Nevertheless, the content of this “brain dump” could prove to be very important. Consequently, when a virtual assistant maintains a review of your Evernote journal entries there may well be some “gold” beneath the surface.

Do you Keep a “Journal” Personal or Business … how does it help you?