Show the world your biggest asset !!

No it doesn’t involve nudity ;-)


Yep you read it A SMILE people !!! – a big, genuine grin from ear to ear, light up the room SMILE :D

There is a Chinese proverb that says that ”the person who cannot smile should not set up a shop.” The Chinese have a knack in reflecting the pleasant but also bitter truths of human nature. Would you buy from a grumpy shopkeeper who is rude and impatient?

The subject of this blog post is inspired by a poem by an unknown author, the poem is entitled “Smiling is Infectious”. My little sister sent this poem to me a few years back when things were pretty tough and I’ve always remembered it – in fact I have it posted up on my office wall.

Sometimes it’s good to remember the little things in life, like smiling, even when you are on the phone and no one else can see you! go on try it – it makes a world of difference to the tone of your voice.

I challenge anyone to feel miserable when with the same amount of effort you can break into smiling.

Still think smiling has little to do with business?? Check out some reasons why I think it has everything to do with business below:

It’s your biggest asset:

Some of the richest people in our society over the last two hundred years including Andrew Carnegie the steel king, knew the power of the smile in business. He knew that he would not be able to get hugely successful until he had the most attractive smile in his favour. He started his quest to find a marketing man with a smile that would move mountains and he found Charles Schwab who went onto become the most successful marketing executive this world has ever known. His smile and polite demeanour helped Andrew Carnegie make millions and in turn made Charles Schwab a billionaire.

Smiling breaks down the barriers:

A humourous nature has been proven to be one of the top 5 qualities of business people which attract others. A smile attracts customers because it not only breaks the barriers between two people it projects confidence from the business owner in himself and his product or service. It is difficult for a person to have many friends if he is unable to smile.

Smooth Operator

A business person with a smile and a quality product or service is often a tough competitor. You can face many hardships and much competition everyday but a smile soothes nerves, energises and helps you swim through your business world smoothly. Even if you don’t feel it inside, smile from your face even if you cannot do it with your heart because it will soon become a beautiful habit.

Step away from Anger

The flip side of this is that many potential clients will run a mile from anyone who is full of misery and hardship. Smiling is infectious and charged with enthusiasm you can get success in winning new business and clients. It is human nature to shun an irritable, angry or miserable business person but a smile will be remembered and will have clients returning again and again.

Finally, you must learn the art of smiling to succeed in any venture, public relations and developing relationships in business is crucial to success and your smile should always be genuine.

If you are not interested in smiling (well hello there grumpy!!) then hire smiling faces and surround yourself with them.

A smile, served with a healthy dollop of politeness is the most effective asset you can share with the world :-)

So Do You Think Smiling helps business? Would love to hear your views, drop me a comment below …

  • Grainne Foley

    Great post Tracy and something we should all be doing.  When I am speaking to VA’s on the phone, I can always tell if they are smiling or not and it’s the smiling ones that I’m interested in because it shows me that they love what they do and are passionate about what they do.

    What a great upbeat post for a Friday, perfect

    Have a wonderful weekend


    • Tracy Baker

      Smile while you dial that’s what I say lol. It makes a world of difference and no matter how your day is panning out I defy anyone to feel miserable when they can just turn the corners up and give a heartfelt smile ;-)

      Glad it brightened your day Grainne! that was my intention to all …

      Take Care