Some Of The Better Cloud-Based Applications For The VA

If you’re a virtual assistant or are considering engaging one to help you with your growing business, there’s never been a better time and certainly never a better environment within which to outsource for efficiency. As business owners had become aware of just how sensible outsourcing was and as technology expanded to allow us to outsource fairly easily, the world of cloud computing exploded before us to provide this rapidly evolving environment. It was not long ago that virtual assistants would rely on fairly rudimentary tools to interact with clients. However, today, the VA can offer small business owners a dizzying array of solutions to help them administer, collaborate and communicate like never before.

A business of any shape or size can operate an intranet for maximum efficiency, no matter how many people are involved. In the past, an intranet would be the domain of a much larger organisation, often spread across many disparate facilities and a big organisation simply had to have this kind of internal network in order to survive. An intranet can be seen as a very efficient way of communicating internally without any of that external “noise,” but today due to the cloud and to the various software solutions open to us, we can have an active and very productive intranet, even if we are just a one-person entrepreneur and a small team of virtual assistants.

Let’s look at some of the best applications and software tools that we can engage today.

Basecamp is probably the ultimate online collaboration tool. It’s very well put together and absolutely intuitive, meaning that it’s easy to convince your more introverted clients (if you’re a virtual assistant) to engage and actively share files, take action, post comments and get enthused. The dashboard is very enticing and is sure to provide a boost to productivity when everybody gets into the flow.  Here at Coffee Central we use a Project Management space called Active Collab and we LOVE it – see the video in this post to find out more ;-)

Remember that a virtual assistant is someone who is supposed to free up time for the business owner and to help with overall time management. Consequently, TimeTrade is a great little online appointment scheduler that can be accessed through the cloud by anyone who is seeking to make an appointment with the head mover and shaker. Dedicated URLs provide access to specific parts of the TimeTrade calendar online, with automatic calculations made to ensure that time differences are not an issue anymore. It can be integrated with your favourite calendar application and e-mail host.

We know that cloud computing can provide us with an enhanced ability to be able to store important files and documents on what is essentially “somebody else’s” server. In reality, the servers are massive conglomerations of integrated servers and may be located in countries far away from where we are. Whilst we can provide direct access to authorised personnel to get into certain folders for specific files “in the cloud,” we can also use handy applications such as Dropbox. Now, when you need to transfer those big files that may not be suitable for transmission via e-mail to your virtual assistant or other people in the organisation, you simply upload to the intuitive interface. It literally is “drag and drop” once you’re logged in and storage space is very cheap indeed.

Do you have a Cloud Based App that you LOVE?  Go on share it below ….