Why You Should Consider Hiring Complete Companies As Well As Solo Virtual Assistants

In the early days of the virtual assistant industry – individual, solo or entrepreneurial virtual assistants were the norm. These individuals were quick to realise that there was considerable potential associated with their chosen profession and knew that they could offer their services to a variety of different small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs for mutual benefit. Those independent virtual assistants often possessed a range of skills. They may have been running their own business for some time themselves and had become quite adept at a raft of administrative, financial and operational jobs. By focusing on efficiency in these areas and learning what they needed to know they became experts in their own right. They were able to offer their services on an ad hoc basis to other business owners who found they had very little time available to practice pure efficiency.

As the industry progressed several enterprising individuals came to realise that the virtual assistant industry would be even more efficient and attractive to the outside world if it were to specialise even further. Therefore, rather than relying on one individual virtual assistant to be the master of many different tasks, companies were put together bringing in a variety of specialist virtual assistants under the same umbrella. One could be entirely focused and a specialist in finance and accounting. One could be an accomplished writer and would be able to provide content very efficiently and very productively. Another could be a specialist in the realm of search engine optimisation, while a fourth could be a social media guru.

When a number of talented individuals were brought together under the umbrella of one virtual assistant company, such an organisation had a whole lot more to offer the typical small-business owner in the real world. The small-business owner now had multiple opportunities and options, each of which could be called upon at the right time and place in a very efficient manner. No longer was it necessary to employ a range of individuals on a full-time basis, nor was it necessary to maintain retainers with specialist advisers. The virtual assistant company could be contacted and could be relied upon to find a specialist solution within their own house, to be made available and put to work on just that specific task for the required amount of time.

Typically, a virtual assistant company like this has a highly experienced virtual assistant at the helm. This supervisory VA is quite often a proactive person who can help to guide the client, while liaising with and engaging from the team of VAs beneath him or her. Now the client does not need to be the supervisor either, as with experience and the appropriate amount of trust the virtual assistant company under the supervision of the lead VA can be relied upon to provide exactly the right support.

The VA industry continues to grow and develop, with specialist virtual assistant companies at the front of progress in this field. This is great news for the small-business owner, who continues to look for efficiencies in difficult economic times.

Which would you prefer?  A Complete Service or an Experienced Solo VA? … we’d love to know :-)