The Most Popular Webinar Systems



As webinars grow in popularity, so do the amount of options that are available to host these online seminars. In most cases, more selection is a great thing for finding a system that’s right for you. However, the amount of options out there also means that someone could be trying for quite some time before they find a service that works best for them. Here are some of the most popular webinar systems available, as well as some of the beneficial features that they offer.



One of the most well-know webinar options on the Web is GoToWebinar. For good reason, this service belongs among the top of the list. This system is incredibly easy to set up, which means you can host a webinar in no time at all. They even offer great prices and exceptional customer service as well. In the event that you have trouble with anything on GoToWebinar, you can quickly enquire and get the issue resolved straightaway. But in all fairness, it’s such an easy system that you likely won’t have issues in the first place. If you’re looking for a webinar service that’s easy to use and incredibly useful, GoToWebinar is a great selection.

Adobe Connect Webinars

Adobe makes a variety of different services, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also provide a webinar programme as well. Adobe Connect Webinars is among the most popular options because it provides users with a plethora of features that will enhance your overall webinar experience. There’s also a large community of Adobe Connect Webinars users, all of which come together to lend assistance to others when they need it.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing has developed quite the name for themselves and they’re a reliable resource for anyone looking to host a webinar. One of the great features of this service is how easy it is to record your webinar, that way you can watch it at a later time or even reshow it to others. Infinite Conferencing also provides you with assistance for making your webinars the best possible, so that you can entertain your audience and keep them interested for longer.


ClickWebinar lets you host up to 1,000 viewers at one time. This makes it one of the most comprehensive services available, and it’s especially useful for large companies or people who have a big crowd watching them. In the event that your webinar is being broadcasted in another country, ClickWebinar also offers translation services to ensure everyone’s on the same page. You can even enter into private meeting rooms with your attendees, in case you want to make your webinars more personal.


omNovia continually aims to please their customers and get better at the services they provide. They’ve updated their service with new options, including the ability to host up to 5,000 people at a single time. omNovia is also one of the easier to use webinar options out there, which is perfect for novice users.

In order to avoid getting caught up in other webinar services that simply don’t compete, these five options are perfect for beginner or expert users alike.


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