Google Chrome – Best In Class?

chromeBrowsing the Internet for information, media and other content that’s interesting to you is possible with the use of a web browser. Although the default web browser for Windows operating systems is Internet Explorer and Mac users have Safari, using an alternate browser such as Google Chrome is highly recommended for a variety of reasons.

What is Chrome?

Google Chrome is an independent web browser developed and released by Google itself for users worldwide. Chrome’s browser is free to use and allows users to add their own themes and styles to browse any way you prefer when you’re online. Downloading Google Chrome is possible from its official website whether you’re currently working on a Windows operating system or if you’re looking for a version of Chrome for a Mac-based computer you own and work on each day. Using Chrome has a number of advantages and disadvantages which can help you to determine whether the browser is most suitable for your own personal Internet browsing habits.

Advantages of Using Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome is one of the fastest methods of browsing the Internet. The browser itself uses less RAM and memory in total compared to other browsers such as Internet Explorer. You are also much less likely to encounter a virus or a potentially dangerous website, as Chrome has built-in security to help with notifying you of potential malware, spyware and other dangerous websites or blogs you may be trying to visit.

Google Chrome also allows users to install extensions and other plugins for the browser itself, making it much easier to track browsing history while maintaining productivity throughout each day. Adding extensions and plugins to your version of Chrome is a way for you to completely customise your browsing experience whether you’re doing so for your own business or for personal use. Browser extensions can help to monitor progress, send updates or even manage your tasks for each day while you’re working and browsing in Google Chrome itself.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome

Chrome doesn’t include any applications, widgets or extensions upon a fresh install, which can be frustrating if you require various applications to browse properly for any task you need to complete online. Loading Google Chrome tabs individually requires more RAM, which can slow your computer down if it doesn’t have enough available or of course if it’s outdated altogether. In some cases, Google Chrome prevents users from accessing a website altogether due to suspicious activity, which can be frustrating for individuals who are in need of information or accessing a specific URL.

Having an understanding of the features and tricks Google Chrome has to offer can help with making a decision that’s best for your household and browsing habits any time you’re online. Whether you have a full house or if you utilise just one computer when browsing the Internet, Google Chrome helps to keep you protected while increasing overall browsing speed regardless of your location and the media you may be interested in streaming.

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