How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Creative Professionals Online, Using Photobucket

Any creative professional must pay attention to how they store and manage their creative real estate, especially in today’s world. Each and every photograph must be catalogued and categorised properly and at your digital fingertips without undue delay. This calls for a comprehensive online tool that enables the hosting of photographs, videos and graphics in such a way that they can be shared easily with prospects and customers in the future.

A number of tools have arisen to answer this call and one of the best is undoubtedly Photobucket. An account here will provide you with readily accessible storage, no matter how many images or videos you may have to work with. The creative professional can opt for a Pro account after paying a relatively nominal amount per year. Once you have done this you have the option of unlimited bandwidth for viewing videos and photos.

The best way for any creative professional to approach the use of such a site would be in concert with their virtual assistant. At the outset a system should be initiated whereby the virtual assistant takes charge of categorising and storing all the creative work. The scale of this task should not be underestimated. It is not uncommon for a photographer, for example, to create hundreds of individual images from one particular gig. It is not the best use of the creator’s time to be working on administrative tasks such as categorisation, tagging and storage. This is where the virtual assistant is in their element. The VA can also be charged with the responsibility of interacting with clients and prospects. On the one hand the most relevant, niche related work can be made available to a prospect. On the other hand the virtual assistant can provide access details to the client to showcase the work that was generated on their behalf.

Furthermore, feedback can be provided to the creative professional using the site’s provided statistics. This gives an insight into the particular websites where images were accessed, together with the number of times each individual image has been seen. From a marketing point of view this gives good information related to the performance of specific webpages according to the number of visitors. It can also give valuable intelligence feedback based on the type of image that appears to be most popular. In the future the creative professional can use this information to concentrate on work that would potentially provide similar results, more satisfied clients and additional sales.

Apart from professional photographers other creators can of course benefit from using a solution such as this. An interior designer could store and make available imagery of their best work, or a professional chef could work to ensure that video and still imagery is created to provide evidence of their culinary ability.

As with all online tools and solutions, the secret for the creator is to pinpoint which solution should be best. At this point all the administrative and maintenance work should be handed over to the virtual assistant

Photographer? Designer? Creative Individual? ….  What online tools do you just LOVE?