Which One of The Seven Dwarfs are YOU?

Just a bit of Friday Fun today guys but it has a serious message too so kick back, relax and see if you recognise your own social media personality in one of our beloved Disney friends – have a fantastic weekend all !!

Which one best reflects your social media interaction?


Doc is well organised in his approach, he knows what he is going to say and presents it to his target audience in a concise manner?  Using his favourite social media method to full effect.

He is an ambassador of social media and the leader of the pack.

Those new to social media would do well to follow his lead.




Uh Oh!! He uses social media to vent his angst’s?  Every day he posts new tweets and statuses of woe, groans and whines about all the injustices that life throws his way?

He’s not very popular with the few followers he has and those that follow him are generally as grumpy and uninspired – you’ve been warned!!



As the name implies, a happy go lucky soul and generally all round lovely person to interact with via social media.  He has the ability to brighten anyone’s day!

The majority of his followers look forward to his tweets, posts and status updates as he is a truly inspirational social networker.




He only posts now and again and his social media interaction is so sporadic that many lose interest and forget he exists.

Just like the name suggests, his lethargic attitude to social media invokes a “who” when people are asked his name?




Oh bless, he tries to get involved but is incredibly shy.  He is more likely to hide in the wings and jump into social conversations that others have started not really knowing how to initiate a social interaction himself.

His shy demeanour is often mistaken as boring.  Go on, give Bashful a chance and help him network – chances are he probably has some awesome content to share if he had a little encouragement.




Just like his sneezes his communications are direct and one way.

He never interacts with others preferring to repeat the same posts over and over again.  Often screaming “buy me” he truly believes that social media is a one way street of communication and for broadcasting adverts, whilst annoyingly filling others timelines as rapidly as a flu epidemic

Unfortunately Sneezy has not grasped the “networking” part of social networking.


Dopey, ah well his social media is completely haphazard, simple and unplanned.  He generally has no purpose to his posts or preference to social media methods and the nuances involved.

My advice to Dopey, go back to square one and decide exactly why you wanted to use social media in the first place, what was the purpose?   then draw up a marketing strategy that has direction.

Personally I think of myself as more of a Snow White !

So there you have it, you maybe a mixture of a few but can you see yourself as one of the 7 dwarfs?



  • http://www.marthassos.com/ Martha’s SOS

    I love this post Tracy – I’m more a ‘bashful’ I think. Thanks for cheering me up today.

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Awww thanks for sharing Martha and I’m so pleased it made you smile :D

  • http://virtualassistant-live.com/ Michelle, Virtual Miss Friday

    Lol! You know how I love Friday Fun :D I think I would like to be a Doc, at least I am working towards it….

    • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

      Oh you are a Doc Michelle!  Me?  I think I’m more “happy” lol but aiming for a happy doc :D

  • http://www.coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

    Thanks so much Grainne, pleased you enjoyed it!  Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for your comment.