How Siri Can Save You Time And Make You More Productive

timeandmoneySiri has become a household name throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, and most people recognise Siri as the helpful voice on the latest models of the iPhone from Apple. Many view Siri as almost a selling gimmick or ploy rather than the intelligent personal assistant that she was designed to be. The fact is that Siri offers smartphone users many benefits that you may not currently be taking advantage of. By learning more about how Siri can be used in practical functions throughout the day, you can more efficiently and actively put this artificial intelligence feature that’s loaded in your smartphone to work for you.

Accessing Your Phone’s Features

If you’re like many busy people, you regularly use your iPhone’s features for a variety of purposes. You may use the alarm feature to wake up in the morning. You may keep track of your appointments for the day in a calendar, and you may use the timer to keep you on task or to ensure that you don’t miss an important milestone in the day. The fact is that you can use Siri for all of these functions. Through Siri’s voice commands, you can set your alarm and access your timer. You can update your calendar, and you can even connect your calendar meetings and appointments to your contacts all through the Siri voice commands.

Finding Information and Conducting Research

Many people initially play with the Siri function when they get their iPhone by asking this intelligent personal assistant silly or nonsensical questions. However, Siri can be used for more than helping you to determine how long it would take to walk to New York City or how tall the tallest man in the world is. Instead, you can use Siri to help you make dinner reservations, to find flights for your next business trip and to determine what the weather will be like over the weekend. Think about all of the times you use the Web browser in your smartphone to conduct research. Rather than manually typing and browsing for this information yourself, you can put Siri to work for you.

Updating Your Contacts

One of the reasons why Siri is often viewed as being less effective for some people is because of difficulty getting Siri to access your contacts. Siri is programmed to function phonetically because of the voice recognition feature. Therefore, you may consider updating your contacts’ names so that they are phonetically recognisable by Siri. For example, Phoebe may be adjusted to Feebee for recognition purposes. In addition, you can educate Siri about special relationships with individuals. For example, you can tell Siri, “Jane is my wife.” Later, you can instruct Siri to call your wife rather than to say Jane’s name each time. By making these adjustments to your contacts, you can more easily use Siri to text, make phone calls and link calendar events to your contacts.

Siri is one of the most beneficial features in the latest iPhone models, but it’s a feature that’s largely under-utilised. You can consider implementing Siri in these various ways to improve your productivity through your smartphone.