Place your Toolkit in the Cloud

Following on from our last blog post where we showed you just a few of the cloud based applications we love to use here at Coffee Not Included – we decided that we would share some more!

So here for your wonderment and possible techie delight are four more ways to get the most out of our web based world :-)  Enjoy

Google Apps

Communicate, collaborate and organise from anywhere.  Google Apps is so much more than g mail.  Under the Google Apps umbrella alongside e mail functionality you have google docs, sites to create an intranet if you wish, chat, video, calendar enabling you to be productive wherever you are. All stored securely on Google servers so no downloads or software


Xero is a fully fledged web based accounting system.  We love using Xero mainly because they are very proactive and are constantly coming up with new ways to work more efficiently in the cloud.  Xero can be integrated with Freshbooks so that your invoices sync automatically and you can also get live bank feeds into your account with intuitive bank reconciliation.  You are also able to invite other users into your interface such as your book keeper or accountant – all in real time.


A social  media management suite for desktop, online or mobile use.  WithinHootsuite you can easily tweet, post status updates across multiple channels.  You can update on all your social platforms in one go.


We use Jing a lot!!  It enables us to provide tutorials and advice for team members and clients with screen capture and/or video then share it instantly in a link via the web, e mail, FB message or Twitter plus its FREE.

So that brings us to the end of our Cloud Hopping tour for now but we hope that you enjoyed it and found maybe just a few that you hadn’t heard of before.

As always we would love to hear your views and what you use on a daily basis in the Cloud to run your business.  Drop us a comment …





  • Grainne Foley

    Another great blog post Tracey, these posts are so beneficial to entrepreneurs looking for great tools to use in their business.  I love all these tools and use them in my business all the time.

    • Tracy Baker

      Thank you for your kind words Grainne and for your comment :-)