How To Choose The Best Chair For Your Home Office

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Many people, especially those who work from home such as virtual assistants and online service providers in general, will spend a great deal of time sitting in their offices. Because of this, it’s critical to find the best chair available; something that’s literally just right for the individual in question. There are a number of different elements that need consideration when choosing a desk chair for any home office.


Height of the Chair

A chair should either be the perfect height for the person who’s going to be using it, meaning that it’s tall enough for a person to sit with his or her feet resting firmly on the ground, or its height should be adjustable. Most people will need a seat that’s between 16 inches and 21 inches off the floor. Obviously, the “sitting test” is the best place to start!

Width and Depth of the Seat

Another factor is how wide and deep the seat of the chair is. A standard office chair is between 17 inches and 20 inches wide. People who exceed these dimensions will need a larger chair, while those who are far below those dimensions could obviously use a smaller one. The depth of the chair should be enough for a person to sit with his or her back against the back of the chair with 2 inches to 4 inches of space between seat of the chair and the back of their knees. Once again, sit down and get a good feel for it!

Lower Back Support

Lumbar support, or lower back support, should always be a factor that’s considered when choosing a home office chair. Because the bottom of the spine is naturally curved, sitting for a long period of time without having this curve supported can be very harmful to a person’s spinal alignment and as a result, cause pain and general discomfort. Slouching tends to occur if adequate support isn’t provided. The best chairs should have a natural curve that will provide this support and can be adjusted to optimise the entire feel of the chair.


The backrest of a chair should be between 19 inches and 21 inches wide, with an adjustable curve. If the backrest and the seat are connected as one piece, it’s very important to be able to adjust the backrest separately in order to ensure maximum comfort and perfect support.

Seat Material

There ought to be enough material on the seat to provide a sufficient cushion on which a person will be able to sit for an extended period of time without becoming uncomfortable. In most cases cloth materials that don’t absorb sweat are preferred and also tend to be more comfortable than hard materials.


It’s critical that a person makes sure that the chair fits within his or her budget.


The last thing that should be considered are any prominent reviews associated with the chairs you’re considering. People who work from home, such as online service providers and virtual assistants, should read these reviews carefully to help them find the absolute best chair available.