How A VA Can Help You Manage Your Contacts On Evernote Hello

One of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election in the United States recently created some controversy when he asserted that “corporations are people too.” This caused many political commentators to laugh at the individual, as it appeared that he was not in touch with reality and really not in contact with the average person. Yet if you look into his statement a little bit more closely you begin to understand that corporations are essentially made up of people who make decisions that impact the corporate entity. This underlines how important it is for any business owner to connect with other people, to maintain and even to grow relationships and associations. With a broader goal in mind of trying to develop the business, when individual and personal relationships are consummated correctly, the sky is the limit.

Yet for many people and typically busy small-business owners putting a name to a face can often be challenging in its own right. It can be difficult to remember not only the name of the individual but the context within which you met him or her. When you’re not able to connect all the dots like this it’s going to be especially challenging to try and develop such a relationship, if you can’t even piece together the fundamentals.

Perhaps this is where Evernote Hello can help. This is a new offering by the makers of Evernote, which by itself is helping to revolutionise the way that we keep track of things, organise databases, take notes and manage information. Hello is an app for a mobile device that enables you to gather a good deal of information about a contact. Rather than just taking hold of a physical business card and trying to file that somewhere when you get back to the office, you hand your mobile device to the person who fills critical data into the Evernote Hello template. He or she will also use the app to take a photograph – to be more specific four photographs – to complete the process.

The information that you now have about this individual is very specific and quite comprehensive. You are able to remember, sometime in the future, the details of your encounter, recognise the face without any issue and may even use this record to try and locate the details of other people who you met at the same venue or event.

If you make a habit of collecting information about important contacts this way you can use this information in a number of different ways for future business development. For example, your virtual assistant can help you to keep in touch with this individual topically when there is some development in relation to the association you have. In other words, if a potential news story breaks or you get involved in a pertinent project your VA can use the search and management power of Evernote to gather contacts already tagged quite quickly from the database. The VA can then help you to reach out to those people with a targeted message.

Do you currently manage your contacts with traditional pen and paper/filing or in the cloud? We’d love to hear from you ….