Why You Should Look For Certain Characteristics In A VA, In Addition To The Necessary Skills

There’s no getting away from the fact that in business price is often the deciding factor. Events of the past half decade have certainly underscored this as we have seen so many organisations forced to downsize due to the fact they cannot make budgets add up. Yet when you simply focus on cost you can be looking through a pair of very myopic spectacles. This is certainly the case when it comes to choosing a virtual assistant to help you with your business, as if you simply choose by price alone it’s unlikely you are going to forge a long-lasting productive relationship.

That’s not to say that all of the more “competitively” priced options are sub-standard – far from it. Yet you do have to take into consideration many different factors when making such an important decision as choosing a VA.

Often people ask whether it is necessary to ensure that you are dealing with a virtual assistant who is a native English speaker. Some people might say that this is not an important fundamental if you’re only engaging the virtual assistant for tasks other than content creation. Yet you should never underestimate how much of a challenge it might be to communicate with this person. Quite apart from the time zone difference that you may have to encounter, what happens when a crucial direction is misunderstood or misinterpreted?

So quite apart from the basic fundamentals associated with communication you should be looking for a lot more in the virtual assistant than just their ability to perform task A, task B or task C. You should be looking for someone who can suggest a better way of doing a particular task. You should be looking for someone who can see the pitfalls associated with the direction you may be heading in. You should be looking for someone who is always looking to improve their own skills, knowledge and ability and can demonstrate that they are always on the cutting edge of the game. This is something that you would look for in your own business and inspirational circle after all.

It has been said many times before that to be really successful in business you need to surround yourself with successful people, or with those who are of a positive nature. Extend this philosophy to your virtual assistant, with whom you will be working very closely for an extended period of time. Are you sure that you will be getting this level of engagement and positivity from the cheapest virtual assistant you’re able to find, somewhere on the other side of the world?

Many of the most successful client/virtual assistant relationships have developed into much more than just a simple business-to-business relationship or connection. The VA has become an integral and important part of the business, due to the characteristics that he or she was able to display and cultivate as time went by. This may simply be an impossible reach if you’re not able to make the correct decision when choosing a virtual assistant in the first place.

What Characteristics are important to you when choosing a Business Relationship?