Hiring A VA – 5 Reasons Why You Should


When Tim Ferriss’s “The Four Hour Workweek” hit store shelves back in 2007, the discussion often centred around several topics. One of the most popular chapters of this best-selling novel discussed hiring a VA, or virtual assistant.

While some of his advice regarding work was controversial, critics and readers alike universally agreed that hiring a VA was a great decision overall. Unfortunately, many people are still hesitant to take the decision and actually find one. Here are the top 3 reasons any business owner should consider working with a VA.

You Have Options In Hiring.

Many business owners choose to hire VAs living in Southeast Asia or South America for economic reasons. While it’s true that these assistants work cheaper than their US counterparts, some individuals are put off by the idea, or are concerned about English ability and/or time zones.

The truth is that there are VAs working all over the world, and each one carries a different skill-set. If you need someone working on the East coast with expert-level skills in Salesforce, or someone working in Europe who knows their way around MS Office, you can easily find them. In fact, business owners today have more choice over their hiring than ever before. For instance they can go all out and hire an amazing Insourcer, go through an agency and try their luck, or simply take care of the hiring on their own via sites like Upwork. However they go about it, individuals looking to engage the services of virtual assistants can find the perfect fit for a reasonable investment.

You’re Doing Too Much Already.

VAs are capable of taking on more and more tasks as the world moves online. A good rule of thumb is that a VA can do virtually (no pun intended) anything you can do that doesn’t require your actual presence.

Again, as long as the VA has the appropriate skills, which can range from writing expense reports, making calls, SEO, graphic design, website updates, social media management and even to crafting business plans, and the list goes on and on – they can get the job done. Chances are, you can take back a good portion of your day through hiring the right virtual assistant, allowing you to focus on the creative, personal and business-growing strategies only you can do.

It’s A Standard In The Business World.

VA expenses are, in most cases, among the smallest investments for any particular business operation. As far as return on investment goes, they’re at the highest level of return. This is what makes them such a popular hire for anything from a one-man operation to a massive Fortune 100 company.

The business owner with a VA is simply more effective than one without. They’re able to immediately hand off work that’s beneath their expertise or not worth their time, yet remains essential. If competitors aren’t working with this significant advantage, they’re crippling themselves in their own businesses.

Hiring a VA is simply one of the easiest and most effective ways to get more work done in less time. If you’re still not convinced, spend some time browsing for virtual assistants on a site like Upwork to look at the possibility of hiring somebody to take care of at least some of your work for you.