How To Deal With A Confused Client

confusedclientThe world of online marketing can indeed be confusing. It can be hard enough sometimes to understand what’s going on when you’re on the cutting-edge of developments and progress in this dynamic industry as a virtual assistant. Imagine how difficult it can be to grasp the intricacies of Internet marketing when you’re a client sometimes? The client who is confused despite your best efforts to educate can be one of the most challenging you will face as a virtual assistant. How are you going to deal with this type of relationship?

Most small business owners or entrepreneurs are intelligent people; they wouldn’t be in this position for long otherwise. Nevertheless, their expertise lies in an area outside of the marketing sphere. They may have a bricks and mortar establishment in the retail field. They may be an educator who wishes to reach people virtually for the first time. The odds are that they have come across some information about Internet marketing before and understand that it’s important for them to engage. They may be aware of search engine optimisation and know that social media is a critical part of their future, but they don’t know where to start.

Not only do they not know where to start, they find it difficult to comprehend what you’re saying as the expert in the field. Their confusion may be augmented by other factors such as declining sales. When you combine confusion with fear it can sometimes lead to an element of panic.

When you’re faced with a client like this it’s a good idea to have a description of the various tasks that you’re able to perform written in plain English. Forget all the jargon but focus on the benefits to the client. You don’t have to go into detail – and in fact this could be counter-productive. They don’t need to know how you do this, but they do need to know why.

It can be difficult to understand just how search engine optimisation works and indeed why it should work at all. Once again there’s nothing to be gained by going into detail but just explain what you’re trying to achieve, from a holistic point of view and what you need them to do in order to help you do your job.

The confused client may expect rather more than you can provide realistically in a short space of time. So therefore you need to ensure that you’re very clear about what you can and cannot do, what is reasonable and what should be expected. It’s a good idea to frame everything in bite sized chunks, so to speak, so that the client can see what you need to do in step 1 before you can proceed to step 2 and so on.

Reassure your clients that they don’t really need to know “how” to do all this and that you’re there to help them, so that they can focus on what they’re truly good at doing, without any sort of distraction.

I hope this helps you, how would you managed a client’s confusion?