How To Get Free Or Low-Cost Marketing Help


If you’re looking for lower-cost ways to engage in public relations for your organisation, have you really started to think outside of the box? Often the largest cost associated with any endeavour in the world of marketing is related to time. This could be the cost involved in providing a service, due to the intensity of labour necessary. While frequently there’s a given amount of skill, expertise or job experience necessary to provide that service, this isn’t always the case. Perhaps you can find somebody to undertake this work at little to no cost?

Why not get in touch with one of the colleges and universities in your area to see how you could collaborate in a certain way. In particular, talk with people at one of the business schools in your area. Tutors here are often looking for resources in order to give students real-world experience. Those who are studying business courses, whether graduate or undergraduate, can often benefit from being involved with a local organisation in a relevant field.

Many colleges now require that their students have real-time experience as part of the qualification process. In this case, you can imagine that they would be even more interested in talking with you.

Perhaps you could get a student to work as an intern with your virtual assistant team and perhaps this could represent a zero cost in terms of wages. Remember that these individuals are all eager by definition; they want to ensure that they pass the course. They’re all educated to an appropriate level and could all contribute a great deal to your marketing activities as a consequence.

Imagine if a lot of the work necessary to promote your organisation was involved in research. This is often the case as it is necessary to find out what media outlets would be interested in your information and news. Perhaps the student could help to generate an ongoing public relations campaign. In the beginning they could come up with a theme, brainstorm to create topics and then help to generate media releases.

Remember that students want to build portfolios as they get ready to contact prospective employers, post-graduation. They will be more than keen to prove that they have been instrumental in generating a positive public relations campaign, in this case for you. You may be able to engage the students in different vocational training. Perhaps if you go down this road you will be able to benefit from being introduced to a particular process or method for the first time.

This is a way that you can augment your existing virtual assistant team in order to provide free or low-cost resources as you generate a new marketing campaign. A certain amount of time will need to be spent in initial education, but you’re likely to “save” quite a lot of resources by using eager students who are only too keen to succeed. You could even derive a certain amount of positive public relations due to your engagement with the school in the first place.

What other free or lost cost marketing could you use?