Start A VA Business To Be Your Own Boss


An often overlooked profession by people desiring to work from home is becoming a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are part of a growing profession that can easily be managed from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you’re at in the world)! A VA is generally an assistant in some capacity or online business operations manager and can provide most of the support tasks that someone in a traditional office setting could do, however all work is conducted via the Internet.


The Internet Has Created the Perfect Setting for Virtual Assistants to Thrive

With a laptop and broadband connection, you can effectively run a VA business from your home. You can access everything you’ll need to help your clients through your computer or via your mobile and since the Internet is available round the clock, your work duties often allow you to work whenever it’s convenient for you, as long as your clients receive their necessary data and / or have their tasks completed on time.

As an additional bonus, working on the Internet allows you to seek out clients from around the world. This vastly broadens your potential client pool as well as enables you to work for multiple individuals / organisations simultaneously, if you so desire.

What Types of Work Do VAs Perform?

As a virtual assistant, you can offer a full line of services or specialise in just a few different things. Typical jobs that VAs complete include:

* Data entry and manipulation to create documents and presentations.

* Drafting correspondence, including returning emails.

* Making travel arrangements and setting appointments.

* Managing a client’s calendar, online.

* Scheduling meetings, making arrangements and reservations.

* Creating newsletters and distributing them via email marketing systems.

* Managing the online presence of the client, or that of their business.

* Bookkeeping / accounting tasks.

* Gathering data and information on projects.

* Website development, SEO, content creation, social media, etc.

* Managing other daily or ad hoc tasks, as requested by the client.

 Achieving Your Goal of Being Your Own Boss

Becoming a top notch virtual assistant takes patience, a positive attitude and superior organisational skills. If you believe that you have all three of these qualities, then you’re well on your way to becoming your own boss.


You need to be patient with yourself, developing your online presence and the process of finding clients. You may need to start small, taking on single projects through a freelance job board or website like Upwork to build your social proof via testimonials, which may mean that you have to continue with your current job until you cultivate a significant client base.

Be patient though… Take small jobs to get started, build your client base and learn new skills along the way. Each of these steps will lead you to your final destination of being your own boss. Make sure you establish an excellent online presence and never be afraid to email or message people and organisations. The more open you are to success, the more likely you’ll find the success you seek – it’s really true.

Positive Attitude

Your attitude must remain positive, ideally extraordinarily so. It may sound cliche, but people will respond far more openly to a positive attitude. Your online presence as well as your personal interactions with potential clients should always remain positive, even if you’re nervous and panicking inside at that moment.

Your positive attitude will also reflect in the work that you complete, and your clients will respond favourably to this type of work delivery. Positive thoughts bring about positive actions in far more ways than can be conceived of.

Superior Organisation Skills

A Virtual Assistant must have superior organisational skills. You must be able to manage all of the tasks that your clients require, some with crucial deadlines, while managing all the things in your life too. If you love organisation, you’ve found the perfect work from home job.

I know that becoming an online service provider was the best move I ever made. ¬†If you’d like to read about my journey and how I got to where I am today you can read more here