Launching Your Digital Products With The Help Of Your Virtual Assistant



If you’ve ever launched a digital product, you’ll know there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye! There are many moving parts that need to be planned, co-ordinated and aligned to make your product launch a success.

You cannot do it all!

You may very well be capable of doing each and every task on you own, but you’ll slow your launch to a near halt if you try – whilst also working yourself all possible hours of the day.

There’s a better way…

A virtual assistant is the perfect collaboration partner to move your product launch along with real gusto! With the support of an enthusiastic VA, each of your tasks will be completed in accordance with your plan and schedule. You’ll see remarkable progress on every element of your launch, which in turn will help you to retain your energy and enthusiasm though this demanding growth phase of your business.

Here are just some areas where your VA can offer support…

#1 Strategy

There are numerous complementary elements that need to be aligned in a digital product launch, and therefore planned in parallel. There’s no single formula that applies to all, as the strategy is different for everyone depending on your product, and with extensive experience in online business operations your VA can collaborate with you to bring together a strategy that works for you.

This strategy could include – establishing your product ladder, your series of relatable digital products intended to generate interest, build trust and help your future clients establish whether you’re the right person for them. As well as, developing your overall marketing strategy, your marketing messages, social media strategy, your affiliate packages, any bonus offers, email sequences, your systems, and how it all pieces together.

#2 Prepare

There’s lots to create and organise before you can start making waves with your marketing. Your VA can create, edit, proofread, re-purpose, design, and upload your content. There’s also marketing copy to be written, which could be for sales pages on your website, specific landing pages, or email sequences. Then there’s preparation of your social media posts – crafting your posts and creating your shareable images.

Critically, your VA is able to put efficient systems in place to aid the success of your launch, by ensuring that repetitive tasks are reduced, that payment links are in place, and digital products and supporting information are distributed quickly through automated processes.

#3 Broadcast

When you’re ready to start promoting your launch and distributing your content, you’ll find social media is central to creating and building a buzz around your offering. Your VA can help share your content by uploading it to your website, scheduling your social media posts, sending e-newsletters and more. All with the aim of encouraging as many of your ideal clients as possible to download your freebie, so they opt-in to your email sequence, which will then in turn build trust and help you promote your various other digital products and services as well.

 #4 Co-ordination and Support

There’s a great deal of ongoing co-ordination needed to support the successful launch of any particular digital product. Your VA can manage the initial creation of the product or products to ensure the project stays on track. Also, the launch itself combines various roles perfectly suited to your VA, for instance, Social Media Assistant and Customer Service Assistant – dealing with different types of queries, reaching out, and building relationships. Or, Marketing Assistant – co-ordinating competitions, online events and webinars, updating marketing information, posting to social media, and ensuring your affiliates are supported.

Generate some positive momentum today and get your products launched with the help of your awesome VA!