Master The Systems Supporting Your Digital Products With A VA

10There are a number of supporting systems that need to be in place and working efficiently in order to ensure the smooth launch of your digital products. They all need to be set up correctly, working together, automated where possible, with your business branding and copy in place. It’s a huge job with many parts to co-ordinate, and a job that can occasionally be underestimated. This can lead to business owners feeling overwhelmed and stressed with this part of their business development, as working through the multitude of different systems, options, settings, and integrations can be a huge time-drain.

But you don’t need to do this alone. In fact, you don’t need to do it at all!

Yes, you need these systems to support your business, but there’s no need for you to get stuck working through them, finding out which are most suitable for you, how they should link together, and how to ensure everything works perfectly for the best customer experience.

This doesn’t need to be your task. There’s a far better solution…

Delegate it all to your VA :-)

Your VA can review your current systems and your aims, and then advise on which systems will best support your digital product business. Before proceeding to implement and integrate these system as a whole, your VA will work on getting each system working together to achieve as much automation as reasonably possible whilst ensuring a positive customer experience. Your VA can then co-ordinate each system and offer continued support to your business.

There are numerous systems involved in providing digital products and here’s just some that your VA can help with…

1. Managing email lists – you’ll likely have a few different lists and a specific list for your digital product launch, all to help you gauge the number of people interested in each product.

2. E-newsletters – creating, designing, writing, and sending to your list.

3. Automated email nurture sequences – the creation, set-up and scheduling of emails with links to freebies or paid products or services, and links through to your social media and your website too.

4. Development of your website, as well as uploading blog posts, videos and written copy.

5. Promotional webpages – designing and writing website pages or landing pages. Your VA will consider how your client flows from one page to another, and the action you’re encouraging on each page. Concluding with a thank-you page and including links to any further offerings.

6. Setting up and supporting webinars.

7. Uploading files to your podcast.

8. Scheduling your social media, responding to comments, and managing your online community.

9. Managing your customer support desk and dealing with many types of queries.

10. E-commerce – setting up payment providers, managing your shopping cart and making it available or unavailable!

11. Implementing systems to track affiliate links and handling the payment of commissions.

12. Setting up your online course area or membership site – either as a dedicated system or within a password protected area of your own website. In either case, your VA can upload and organise your various content pieces into the relevant areas.

In addition to this, other general tech tasks that your VA can help with are… testing that everything is working correctly and all the systems are integrated as intended. Also, collating the analytics from each system in a concise, coherent report.

The combination of your VA’s amazing support and the efficiency established through these newly integrated systems, leaves you free to focus on your clients and to increase your income.

Contact your VA to discuss your digital product launch systems today!