Cellcrypt: Pioneering Technology, Year-On-Year


Cellcrypt claims to be the pioneer in secure mobile voice solutions. They use double layer AES – 256 and RC4 – 384 technology with “end to end” configurations and the development of a new key for each text and call message. The company has solutions that can be used over multiple networks including satellite, broadband, mobile or Wi-Fi, and at relatively low bandwidth. The encrypted voice and text messages are communicated securely and reliably over the Internet connection in real-time through carrier grade infrastructure.

Cellcrypt was originally founded in 2005 to investigate the burgeoning encryption technology industry. By 2008 the company claims it demonstrated the world’s first public and commercially available secure solution, based on IP software and mobile to mobile. The following year the company released another world first – secure mobile to landline IP-based software, together with a solution for the BlackBerry device, using IP technology. Not to rest on their laurels 2009 also witnessed the first IP-based software secure voice package, delivered over satellite for business cellphone users. Since that date the company has developed cross-platform call security, and for the first time secure messaging with full interoperability between Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

When the app is installed on the phone it presents the user with two options when it comes to placing a call at the outset. The first option allows the user to place a “normal” call, while the other one generates a secure system. In order for the call to be fully secure the person on the other end also needs to have the app installed on their phone. It’s important to note that when a secure call is placed the actual voice channel used during conventional calling remains unused. In this case therefore, you are not using up your allocation of minutes on a monthly plan basis. However, the data channel is used, as the software opens up communication to the servers at Cellcrypt. This means that each caller will effectively use kilobytes against a data plan instead, as it’s the data channel which is technically being used for voice data that’s encrypted. Some users may notice a little latency when engaged in a secure conversation, but this is usually barely noticeable.

If multiple parties need to be engaged in sensitive conversations, a secure conference bridge can be enabled using the company’s solution. This bridge can accept calls that are placed from handsets that are enabled with the NG technology, or PBX systems that are connected to the company’s dedicated service. The PBX system in turn is set up to allow enabled smart phones to communicate securely with landline extensions, including call forwarding and voicemail within the secure environment as well.

Interestingly, the company has most recently developed a device called Voice Cipher, which is designed to work with the Verizon network in the United States. It’s an encrypted phone service built for business, but it nevertheless allows law enforcement users to access information in certain circumstances.

Cellcrypt is based in both the US state of Virginia and the UK.