Hiring A Virtual Assistant – Why Business Owners Are Living Life According To Somebody Else’s Agenda

Stimemgmtomebody once said that an email inbox is a tool for other people to impose their agendas upon you, as the business owner. If you sit down and think about it, this assertion has more than just a ring of truth to it. In fact, a typical day can easily become derailed for the small business owner if they aren’t very efficient at managing their communications.

For some reason, an incoming email still sets off the internal alarm bells, as if the rest of the world must stop until that email is addressed. When a business owner starts their day by checking what emails have arrived then they almost certainly set themselves up for failure unless they have a system in place to deal with all of this.

This is where a virtual assistant can be of great value. It’s also a good idea to delegate the management of calendars to a virtual assistant to ensure that time is more efficiently managed from a broader perspective.

There are many very efficient email delivery tools on the market today. Some are locally based, but many are handled in the cloud. It’s definitely possible to give access to more than one person to an email inbox and this access should be given to a virtual assistant for efficient management.

Some small business owners are afraid to delegate or outsource in this manner, as they think that somehow they’re going to “miss” something. Yet the key here is to provide clear and concise guidance for the virtual assistant, who will then carefully sift through email as it arrives and will know what to do in every situation.

For example, many arriving emails simply require a return message to confirm that the mail was received and that action will be taken in due course. The virtual assistant can handle this quite easily, using the protocol that you establish in advance. You can also train them to respond in a certain way according to the nature of the incoming email. If a regular number of emails come in, for example, looking for information on a certain product then the virtual assistant can attach the necessary information and reply without your input whatsoever.

In slightly more sensitive areas you can still save time by getting the assistant to create the response appropriately, but send it to you for your approval before it’s sent out.

Get the virtual assistant to handle calendar scheduling as well. Provide them with information and advice relating to blackout dates and times, when you’re not available for anything and then leave them to manage the rest. You will be at much lower risk of missing deadlines, important meetings or even key dates such as an important birthday celebration.

Remember that true freedom only comes in letting go of the reins when it comes to email management and calendar scheduling, both of which can be critical time sapping tasks. You should take the time – as a one-off task – to set up the guidelines for the virtual assistant and then enjoy more efficiency and productivity in the years ahead.