Why Creating An Impactful Email Is So Important

imagesEmail solicitation is found everywhere. Tucked neatly between Nigerian princes promising wealth and ‘old friends’ seeking to reconnect, the email that’s intended to drive sales needs to be more than a simple grocery list of products, features or services. To break through the clutter and noise so to speak, more advanced strategies and techniques are required.

Make no mistake about it, utilising emails effectively can be a boon to eCommerce efforts. A well composed email can create sales opportunities, while a poorly composed email gets moved to the spam folder or simply deleted. Generating interest from an email can create a competitive edge, or put a company behind its competitors.

Digital companies without brick and mortar space need to establish a personal connection. Through well designed correspondence, a company can create an impression in the minds of customers. In essence, companies can create a profile, identity and personality – out of thin air, if they can communicate intelligently to prospective customers.

Mass email campaigns are generally much better at generating sales than alternatives, like social media. While this knowledge is helpful, it’s important to keep in mind that not all campaigns are created equal, for instance bland, depersonalised emails are far more likely to be discarded without a second thought.

An impactful campaign would be more personalised. “Series” marketing is a start – “series” or “stacking / stacked” messages are specific e-mail responses which are triggered by user interactions with the business’ website. Signing up as a user could trigger a welcome message, for example, or anyone who had un-purchased items in their cart could be invited back. After a sale, a follow-up e-mail could be sent, asking the client or customer to rate the service they had received.

Adding strong but simple wording to the header of the email decreases the chances of someone getting bored. Expansive or wordy emails could be ignored because they look daunting, or someone could stop reading midway through, simply out of boredom. A brief, strong headline that could capture the reader’s attention without overwhelming them is ideal.

It must be stressed that mobile connectivity is a critical aspect of a successful sales approach. A recent study showed that most major decision makers read their emails on mobile devices, and that nearly three quarters of these people regularly deleted emails that failed to load correctly. Those are very big numbers, and they indicate the increasing importance mobile has on potential sales. A strong focus on optimising for mobile email gives any campaign excellent access to smartphones and small tablets. Your future sales are literally riding in customers’ pockets and purses.

Ensuring that your message is easily accessible is another critically important element to managing a successful campaign. Functionality isn’t optional: the portals to the website must be clearly marked and labelled, and all links must function as a potential client would expect. Grabbing the customer’s attention is the goal, but it’s meaningless if the individual cannot find relevant links to relevant webpages, or if they find precisely where they want to go, only to click on a dead link.

Email is the most cost-effective method of marketing – costing virtually nothing when compared to other more traditional marketing efforts, while ensuring a very wide reach indeed. Using a few simple strategies, vendors and eCommerce firms can produce impactful email that grabs the attention of customers and drives sales forward into the future.

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