2 Small Words That Have a HUGE Impact on Your Business !

thankyouIn our increasingly busy and technologically advanced world sometimes it’s the little things that get forgotten but that can make such a tremendous difference in our day to day lives.

Growing up I was taught very early on that manners cost nothing and this is something I have instilled in my own children from a young age.  Even now they will still ask to leave the table, thank me for cooking their evening meal and on the whole (teenage attitude aside) be appreciative of what is done for them.

The two words I speak of are … Thank You.  Two small words that can and will make a huge difference to someone’s day whether on a personal level or in business.

In my own life and in my business people that know me well know that I ALWAYS say thank you, whether that is for their hard work and dedication as a team member or to a new client who has placed their trust in me and my company to look after their business.

However there are other Thank You’s that may not be so obvious ..

  • Thank people for providing you with support or information – they’ll be more inclined to help you again or alternatively repay them with equal support and information should they request it.
  • Thank someone for giving constructive feedback – sometimes when you have looked at something or worked on it for a considerable amount of time you cannot see the “wood for the trees” and a fresh set of eyes with some valued suggestions is gratefully received.
  • Thank people for complaining Yep that’s right!! … if they didn’t you would not have known there was an issue and that they were dissatisfied and you can then think of a way to deal with the situation so as not to repeat it.
  • Thank someone for being patient – it you know something is going to take a little longer then by thanking them for being patient it somehow diffuses the situation and people like to think they are being helpful.
  • Say Thank You to friends and family  .. these  people in particular can get neglected, taken for granted yet friends and family in particular are always there to share in lifes ups and inevitable downs so please don’t take them for granted.
  • In business, make time to say thank you to your co workers and colleagues they are the lifeblood of your business and their dedication, hard work and attention to detail enable you to focus on what you do best.

When was the last time you said Thank You to someone?  I can guarantee it will have left a lasting impression!!



  • http://www.live-hire.com Grainne Foley

    Love this article Tracy, two very simple words yet they’re not heard as often as they should be.

  • http://coffeenotinc.co.uk Tracy Baker

    Hi Grainne, thank you!  It is a shame that in business thank you is often overlooked when ultimately we are all human beings with a desire to be appreciated for our efforts.  It’s a small and simple thing that can mean so much :D